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October 16, 20200

Recent studies show that 1 in 4 US workers will face financial repercussions of the pandemic. The QSR industry with its 13.4 million employees will be facing the brunt. The opening of the economy phase-by-phase indicates recovery of the economy, but this recovery has its own set of hurdles.

To set out on the road of recovery, the QSR industry must adapt to the norms of safety from Covid-19. Society habits such as shopping, eating, travel, entertainment, and interaction in public spaces have undergone a vast shift. Psychologically, people are always on the alert to be safe and busy taking necessary measures. Addressing these fears, the QSR industry must shift gears and embrace the safety norms to get its customers back to their venues.

The QSR industry is faced with a challenge to equip itself with innovative practices to operate safely. Here in this article let’s look at a series of practices to start now, plan for the economic recovery, and to shape the future. These steps not only aid the QSR industry to survive in current times but also strengthen themselves and to prepare for the next normal.

Change in consumer behavior due to Covid-19

QSR’s are either shutting down or operating in fewer numbers. The focus is on takeaway meals and non-contact, drive-through pick up meals. McKinsey’s survey on consumer behavior states that due to the pandemic consumers reduce their expenditure on anything that is luxury such as eating out, movies, entertainment, and travel to name a few. Safety is the main concern and people at large are expected to avoid densely populated areas.

Precautions to take for now & later

The QSR industry is not new to evolving with times. Immediate actions in certain areas will help stem the tide and guide the industry through these challenging times.

Safety of employees and customers at the forefront

The wellbeing of customers and employees has triggered the management to implement strict protocols concerning hygiene and safety. The provision of hand sanitizers, thermometers, and creating awareness amongst the employees to reduce human contact is the norm found in QSR today. Maintaining staff numbers as per requirement, strictly following the rotational policy of staff people, and follow up on the staff health is crucial. QSR’s are adapting technology that assists in documenting these measures.

Initiatives to encourage online orders

Despite social distancing regulations, the QSR can still generate strong sales. The restaurants where on-premises dining is limited, the outlet is geared up to specialize in takeout and delivery. Many QSRs had built-in online ordering on their apps and the pandemic has only reinforced the need to up their online presence and increase the ease of pick up.

The QSRs who do not have an online presence are partnering with third-party aggregators to take online orders. Through this partnership will decrease their profit margin, QSRs are taking up the initiative to keep business running strong during competitive times.

Maintain supply chain

The QSR industry needs to have a responsible supply chain in place to keep the business running. The reliability of the supply chain can be for essential supplies such as food ingredients but also for packing goods, napkins, and food carton boxes.  To minimize the disruption in the supply chain, QSRs are taking actions to limit the menus, keep frozen products as substitutes when required, have alternate suppliers, and have a backup plan ready in case of any emergency.

Managing cash flow

During this pandemic crisis, the prime need is to keep the business running. It helps to identify the areas wherein you can save money in the workflow process. The pandemic time calls to keep the business running, utilizing technology can help. With a focus on hygiene, the safety of employees and customers, and gaining customers’ trust back, businesses can rebound in no time.

Workpulse is designed to manage the QSRs at your fingertips. With data in hand, Workpulse empowers the personnel to check the status of the QSR at regular intervals. During these difficult times, technology has gained importance as it is properly documented for the precautions you have taken. This data can be used to gain customers’ trust and give you peace of mind for surprise inspections. Once the customer is free of fear and trusts QSR to take care of necessary precautions for hygiene and timely delivery, business rebounds in no time. Call Workpulse today and take charge of your business!

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