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Enabling organizations to help their team perform better with customized training pathway, training & development, and employee engagement.
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Workpulse Performance Management & Training System

QSRs have a staggering 150% turnover. Finding new employees and training them is a growing challenge. The most effective strategy is to train and develop the competencies of existing employees to help them perform better and enable them to grow into larger roles in the organization.

Generic and time-consuming performance reviews are a thing of the past. Bring out the best in your employees and make performance assessments easy and hassle free for your employees while providing a transparent evaluation process. Our Performance Management and Training system can easily be configured to your brand standards.

We help your employees perform better by empowering your organization with Performance Management, Learning & Skill Development, and Employee Engagement solutions.

Provide a roadmap for professional growth. Measure employee performance across key skills and competencies. Define company-wide or team-specific skills and track development in these areas over time. Understand skill gaps to improve team composition and better allocate training budgets.

The system equips managers with the tools to conduct performance reviews, assign development plans, and track the competency development of the employees. Bring out the best in your employees by coaching them, monitoring their performance, preparing them for additional responsibilities, and creating a connected workforce that is aligned with the SOPs of the organization.

With our Performance Management & Training system, you can not only retain your employees, but also help them grow into larger roles in the organization.

What are you looking to IMPROVE with Workpulse?


Track performance assessments in real time, get visibility into skill adoption, and manage development plans to help employees perform better with our performance management solution.

Training &

Keep your employees happy by recognizing their efforts and keeping them engaged in a proactive manner. By engaging employees, you can reduce turnover at your store and improve team productivity.


Track and monitor the skill development and training undertaken by your employees with real time actionable data. Our learning and skill development solution can be configured to your brand standards.

Our Clients



I would give Workpulse 5 out of 5 stars

It has completely changed the way we train new hires, set expectations for shifts and hold everyone accountable.

As a franchisee who has to sometimes take on other roles, I used to travel to each location to find out what was going on. Now our director and MUMs know in the moment when they need to step in, and where they need to be spending their time each hour of each day. I like the ability to see on my mobile and on my laptop everything that is going on at all of my locations.

Shawn Salema
Franchisee – 369 Management

Cannot imagine ANY network not utilizing these systems.

“Workpulse immediately solidified our food-safety, guest complaint, and operational systems with real-time data and accountability that have significantly impacted the most important parts of our business.”

Kris Brown
CEO – Berliner Group

Workpulse enabled me to build knowledge and learning for my team.

“The most important aspect of the solution for me is the real time reporting capability which allowed me to get comparative analysis across locations, regions, managers, and teams to understand the compliance, operational efficiency, and performance. I don’t have to rely on bulky logbooks or go through endless lists of entries to get actionable data on time.”

Ahmed Rashwan
Director of Operations – Alliance Management QSR

Innovative Mobile Solution

With the 94 Dunkin Donuts & 29 Baskin shops in our Network, staying on top of the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) is a challenge and the need to respond has never been better with Workpulse.

An innovative mobile solution to easily manage food safety compliance, guest complaints, maintenance tasks, employee appreciation and much more.

Workpulse empowered me with actionable data at my fingertips. It is an amazing, feature rich solution that every franchise should be using.

Scott Campbell
COO – Metro Franchising

Our managers love the system

I have been involved with Dunkin’ for about 20 years, and I always tried hard to keep all our network of stores uniform across the board. Since I was introduced to Workpulse, it has helped our organization to be operationally stronger. Workpulse has saved us many hours we used to spend traveling between each location to ensure all REDBOOK tasks were being done on a daily basis.

Best of all, Workpulse was very easy to use and to introduce to our organization. Our managers love this system, it was a very easy transition from paper to digital.

Our entire operations team now has more time to focus on Growing Sales, Controlling Payroll and Food Cost.

Wagner DaRosa
President – Memphis Donuts

Why Choose Workpulse?

Enable Managers
To Lead Effectively

Provide your managers with the tools they need to lead their teams effectively. Our performance management and training systems makes allows managers to get visibility into skill adoption and provide customized development plans.

Faster Skill

Promote training and development with learning management that is easy to manage, adapts for microlearning styles, and includes comprehensive reporting to ensure compliance. Get faster skill development for your employees.


We have integrated the Workpulse Intelligence engine in the performance management & training system. With this integration, you can easily access real time reports and actionable data to make informed decisions on time.

For Growth

Measure employee performance across key skills and competencies in real time. Understand skill gaps to improve team composition and better allocate training budgets. Ensure continuous professional growth for your team.


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