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Enabling organizations to assess the competencies, skills, and knowledge of their employees through interactive quizzes and training.

Workpulse Training and Development

As per a recent study, 40% of frontline staff are trained once a year or even less. Without adequate training, it would not be possible for employees to become efficient at their work or stay compliant with the brand’s expectations. With the average training cost per employee being close to $5000, restaurants need to embrace technology to make training more effective, interactive, and consistent.

Training is an on-going process and employees should be provided sufficient learning and development opportunities to understand the technical aspects of their work and understand the brand standards. Give your teams the power to develop their skills whenever they want and help them learn at their own pace.

With the Workpulse Training and Development solution, you can create custom quizzes and track the scores across your organization in real time. Our reports will help you identify weaknesses and strengths in employees, business locations, or across the entire organization. The easy scheduling feature allows quizzes to be scheduled periodically so that your employees get the opportunity to refresh their knowledge and also get familiar with new skill sets.

Key Features

  • Assessment
  • Training
  • Analytics
  • Create custom interactive quizzes for employees to identify their training needs
  • Assign scores to each question
  • Allow employees to answer quizzes as per their own pace
  • Schedule quizzes to provide recurring opportunities for continual learning and development
  • Identify the training requirements of employees with real time quiz scores
  • Suggest training programs to employees based on their competency level
  • Use the training content library to share short training lessons that employees can learn at their own pace
  • Keep track of employee-wise or location-wise training completion
  • Get comparative analysis of competency levels within a location as well as between multiple locations
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Why Choose Workpulse?

Training Needs

Our learning and development solution allows managers to identify the training needs of the employees and assign tasks as well as provide coaching to help them develop the required competency. Training programs can be adjusted to adapt to an employee’s specific requirements, thereby making the training really effective.

Provide Regular

Our solution provides real time monitoring of training and assessments. You can identify employees who might be missing out on the training opportunities and find out the ones that have improved their competencies. These metrics enable managers to ensure that the employees are competent to perform their duties.


The solution provides advanced reporting in real time to help managers get the latest status of training completion within a location or across all locations. The metrics also help in identifying gaps in training that can be rectified with coaching and custom training programs for the employees.

View Scores
For All Employees

Our learning and development solution allows quizzes to be created with a custom scoring mechanism that allows managers to get instant overview of scores for individual employees, teams, or across multiple locations. The scoring criteria can easily be customized as per the requirement.


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