Guest Recovery & Retention
  1. Real time feedback management
  2. Ensure each case is closed properly
  3. Enforce timely response and communication
  4. Track communication with activity list and communication history
  5. Assign internal notes for coaching
  6. Implement agile reputation management for your brand

50% Faster Response Time

for guest complaints and feedback

50% Faster Response Time

for guest complaints and feedback.


Improve Customer Retention

with prompt communication and engagement.

Improve Customer Retention

with prompt communication and engagement.

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Workpulse Guest Recovery & Retention

Despite your best efforts, there’s no way to please everyone — and that leads to customer complaints. Managing these complaints can be a hassle, especially if they are not resolved on time. Every unresolved complaint or a delayed response can result in the loss of a customer and no business will ever want that.

With our easy-to-use guest recovery and retention solution, you can ensure timely response to all feedback received from customers. All responses can be tracked real time, even phone calls. The solution is easily integrated with the existing customer feedback management mechanism, thereby delivering a pure plug and play experience.

By using our guest recovery and retention solution, 3000+ QSRs have successfully retained their guests through faster and efficient feedback management. Our subscribers have shared that the solution has reduced response time by almost 50% and guest retention has been better than ever before.

Keep your customers happy and confident about your services by keeping communication proactive and clear. Never lose another customer again due to lack of timely communication.

Key Features

  • Feedback Management
  • Communication
  • Analytics
  • Track all customer complaints & feedback on an easy-to-use app with a user-friendly interface
  • View all email content exactly as it is sent by the customer
  • Assign complaints to the right person for faster resolution
  • Monitor resolution status and keep things on track by adding internal notes for more information and coaching when needed
  • Create and utilize one tap email templates to ensure a consistent reply to all guests
  • Reply to all complaints instantly and directly from the app
  • Make phone calls on the provided numbers by simply clicking it and getting it on your calling screen (even hide your caller ID if needed)
  • Track communication with activity list and communication history
  • Detailed analysis and completion status of each feedback
  • Case by case progress visibility
  • Documentation of all communication for verification of contact history
  • View feedback and resolution summary for all locations
  • Advanced automated notifications so complaints never go unanswered
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Why Choose Workpulse?


Whether you manage a single business location or multiple locations, you can avoid miscommunications with customers by using our guest recovery & retention solution. Track, document, and monitor all feedback in real time.


Our solution allows feedback to be managed in real time, thereby leading to faster resolution of complaints and low response time. This is really useful for tracking feedback and complaints across multiple restaurant locations.


With our advanced reporting feature (average resolution times, locations, and number of cases), you can make informed data driven decisions to improve your customer feedback management process and ensure customer satisfaction.


The guest recovery & retention solution makes reputation management agile and helps restaurants retain their customers by reducing the response time for resolution of complaints and preserving the brand’s goodwill.


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