Restaurant Audit Management
Enabling restaurants to ensure 100% audit readiness with a robust audit management regime for exceeding brand expectations and enforcing compliance.


Workpulse Restaurant Audit Management

When it comes to restaurant audits, business owners often have to cope with the uncertainty of the feedback due to the lack of assurance of compliance. In such cases, it can be quite nerve-wracking to watch the auditor go through the checklist and evaluate your business.

With our Restaurant Audit Management solution, you can now continuously monitor compliance at all of your restaurant / QSR locations and compare the results with previous data for analyzing trends and identifying potential risks. Create custom audit forms for ad-hoc inspections or scheduled audits by individual user or location.

Simply conducting audits would not be of much help. Our solution allows you to assign action plans for each audit so that the non-compliant case can be made compliant through proper corrective measures. After all, it’s about keeping the business operating smoothly while following brand and food safety guidelines.

Our advanced reporting allows business owners to get compliance details of their locations across various time periods to understand which locations are maintaining expected standards. With this information, you can now focus your energy on areas that need fixing on priority.

Key Features

  • Audit Management
  • Audit Planning
  • Analytics
  • Create custom checklists and forms for the required audits
  • Control mandatory responses by selecting the answer type and media attachments
  • Provide image-based evidence of audit questions (as required)
  • Schedule audits as per plan and assign auditor to each audit
  • Get each audit validated by an authorized person
  • Track all changes and answers to the audit checklist
  • Assign Action Plans and accountability to responsible person(s)
  • Manage audits across multiple business locations for any type of business
  • Maintain organizational hierarchy with role-based access
  • View detailed reports for in-depth analytics and insights
  • Create and schedule audits that can be started anytime but once started, they have to be completed within a designated number of hours or days
  • Create and schedule audits for location(s) or specific user(s)
  • Get scored audits to view calculated scores based on your defined criteria
  • Expired audits will no longer be accessible post expiry, so notifications will be sent for any pending or expiring audits
  • Action plans can be created and assigned to specific questions as a remedial measure
  • Validation requests can be added to each audit wherever applicable for ASL to be required to validate the submitted audit
  • Audits can be pre-assigned, re-assigned, or left unassigned (allowing auditors to pick it up as per availability
  • Detailed analysis and completion status of each audit in real time
  • Comparative analysis of audits within a location as well as between multiple locations
  • Details of validation compared with the initial audit in addition to the revision history
  • Status of Action Plans initiated for non-compliant cases
  • Action steps to close Action Plans
  • Overall compliance status across all locations for a business
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Why Choose Workpulse?


With Workpulse Restaurant Audit Management, you can customize audit questions, and plan them as per the requirements of the specific business location, state, or region.

Create Action

If the audit questions are answered incorrectly or a negative answer is identified, then action plans can be initiated automatically to resolve the issue before it becomes a significant risk.


We offer trend analysis which is really useful for predicting issues before they become a potentially larger problem. With such powerful analytics, you will never be caught unprepared again.


Monitor compliance across multiple locations from the convenience of a single integrated cloud-based platform. Avoid unnecessary travel and access audit reports directly on your mobile.


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