Food Safety Compliance
Enabling bakeries / CMLs to achieve 100% compliance with regulations like FSMA, exceed brand expectations, reduce costs, and implement a robust food safety regime.

Workpulse Food Safety Compliance

Bakeries have high production requirements for fulfilling the demands of their stores daily. A single lapse in food safety could lead to an entire batch being wasted. The need of the hour is to leverage data and get access to real time monitoring to ensure food safety. Using log books and papers forms is cumbersome to maintain and leads to low operational efficiency.

With the Workpulse Food Safety Compliance solution, you can automate daily shift tasks, schedule general tasks, and assign corrective actions to make sure all aspects of food safety are covered at your bakery. Our solution is compatible with FSMA guidelines, and you can configure specific tasks or checklists based on the provisions or requirements of FSMA. Such tasks can be verified and closed by the assigned manager and/or PCQI.

Adhere to the highest food safety and quality standards every time with our food safety compliance solution. Conduct verification and ensure readiness for food safety and compliance guidelines like FSMA. Schedule a consultation with our experts to know how your bakery can benefit from our Food Safety Compliance solution.

Key Features

  • Food Safety
  • Analytics
  • Create custom forms and checklists based on your requirements or choose from our standard templates
  • Segment tasks based on their type and frequency
  • Directly view and execute shift tasks, management tasks, and general tasks
  • Upload images and videos for supporting comments on various tasks
  • Receive notifications for task status (new and expiring)
  • Get validations of each task or activity
  • Define and execute automated corrective actions for non-compliant cases
  • Plan, schedule, and monitor food safety activities
  • Maintain detailed information for multiple equipment and parameters in accordance to the compliance guidelines like FSMA
  • View the state of completion of each task, the number of pending tasks, and the details of corrective actions (current open corrective actions, and resolved corrective actions)
  • Get daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports
  • Create filters based on various parameters and get the report in real time with the changes
  • Create and manage your own custom forms when the need arises
  • Generate reports for different time periods for comparative analysis of historical documented data
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Why Choose Workpulse?

Custom Solution
For Bakeries

The Workpulse Food Safety Compliance solution has been customized to suit the specific needs of any bakery. Create checklists and tasks based on regulations like FSMA and set up real time monitoring at your bakery.

Media Based
Evidence for Tasks

With our media-based evidence feature for tasks, users can be mandated to upload an image to support the completion of certain tasks. This is an optional feature that can be included in any task list or checklist.


Get real time monitoring, trend analysis, evaluation of historical data, and custom reports for making crucial decisions on time. Always be aware of the status of food safety compliance at your bakery.


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