About Workpulse

Workpulse is your trusted operations management consultant offering a suite of innovative mobility solutions for highly efficient operations management and employee engagement.

We believe in solving problems associated with traditional operations management with technology solutions that make it easier for business owners to have greater control over their business operations, especially while managing multiple locations.

We have helped 6000+ restaurant and QSR establishments overcome their operational challenges by providing targeted mobile applications for managing specific processes from guest satisfaction to brand and food safety compliance. This is just one of the verticals to which we currently cater. Our solutions are designed to work for any industry where businesses are focused on enhancing their operational efficiency.

In addition to creating solutions for operations management, compliance, and auditing, we are also innovating solutions for employee engagement and human capital development. We believe that the human capital of any organization is crucial for delivering successful results, so our solutions focus on the human, technology, and digital elements of the organization.

Our solutions have the potential to help businesses across different domains overcome their operational challenges and create a highly productive work environment to meet the demands of today and tomorrow.


Our Journey

“Necessity is the mother of invention.”

The journey of Workpulse began with a need to find a solution for the operational challenges being faced by Quick Service Restaurants and Restaurant Franchisees. Why were the challenges identified for the restaurant industry? It’s simple – the founder of Workpulse has more than 30 years of experience in the restaurant industry and had been witnessing the opportunities and challenges being faced in operations on a daily basis.

Although the restaurant owners had access to computers and they were investing in POS solutions, things were just not improving quickly enough when it came to managing the operations. Books were maintained manually which resulted in a lot of errors, inconsistencies, and time consumption. Guest feedback and complaint resolution was often delayed beyond a reasonable time due to the fact that no system was in place to track and monitor the status of these complaints.

In such circumstances, managing a single restaurant alone is a daunting task. Just think about the stress that business owners would have to go through when they had multiple locations. They must have been driven almost crazy by the sheer amount of communication and coordination problems.

In order to solve these issues once and for all, the idea for a dedicated mobility solution was conceived in 2012. After a lot of research and analysis, the Workpulse GiSMo mobile application was created in 2015 for ensuring guest satisfaction through feedback management and complaint resolution. Not only was this the first step towards solving the challenges, but also the foundation for the development of a suite of apps targeted at operational excellence and unmatched guest experience.

Since then, Workpulse has come a long way with a suite of mobile solutions for operations management, compliance, and human capital engagement. Our team has recently launched the Health Book as an initiative to allow business units to track the health of their employees and ensure a COVID-19-free environment at their locations.

What We Stand For?

To empower business growth across industries with innovative technology solutions for digitally managing and monitoring activities related to operations, compliance, and human capital engagement.
To become global leaders in technology solutions aimed at simplifying processes, operations, and management with a data-driven and people-oriented approach.
To enable people with the right set of tools, technology and analytics for enhancing their performance, maintaining high productivity, and undertaking continual learning for personal & professional growth.

We Are Workpulse

“The Pulse of your Organization in the Palm of your Hand“

CEO & FounderArun Mandi

Arun has worked in the quick service restaurant industry for over 25 years. He is a multi-unit franchisee of a top-10 QSR brand. On the software technology front, Arun founded Paros Technologies, a successful supply chain and order management SAAS solution for QSRs.


VP of Sales & MarketingChitra Mandi

With more than 15 years of experience in Quick Service Restaurant industry, Chitra leads the sales and marketing team at Workpulse. She has experience in  Application and Component Development and project management, especially in financial and restaurant applications.


VP of Products & OperationsTej Guthalagowda

Tej, co-founder of Workpulse, oversees the growth, development, and improvement of our products and technology platform. With a background in growing startups, he bring expertise in building carrier-class multi-tenant platforms. Prior to Workpulse, Tej co-founded Moxize and spent over 15-years leading Engineering teams at Danaher / Fluke Networks.


VP of Development & Co-FounderChandresh Patel

With over 20 years of experience in software development, Chandresh co-founded Workpulse and is now responsible in leading the development of  Workpulse solution.

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