We’re Passionate About Franchise Management

Workpulse builds restaurant operations management and guest satisfaction solutions. Our team decided to build an effective franchise management solution that’s as convenient to use as it is powerful. Based on our experiences in dealing with existing QSR software offerings, we saw a growing need for integration of the many facets of franchise management. Armed with our programming experience and knowledge, we embarked on a mission to limit operational inefficiencies in the field of restaurant franchise management.

The Fruits of Our Labor

From our labor sprouted GiSMo, our guest satisfaction management platform; Book, a food safety and compliance tracking tool with a comprehensive dashboard; Task, your personal maintenance task manager; Audit, our platform for internal tracking & action plans; our flexible Quiz app for employee training; and WOW, an innovative employee engagement and recognition app that acts as a social media platform for your organization.

Thrive With Workpulse

At Workpulse, we are constantly pushing the envelope of innovative restaurant solutions. Additional products and functionality are constantly being added to our suite of franchise management apps.

If you currently manage a multi-unit QSR franchise, Workpulse has the solution to your problems. Our franchise management software will greatly increase your organization’s efficiency, productivity, and overall operational effectiveness. At the end of the day, what that means is higher guest satisfaction and more profits for you.

Don’t waste any more food, don’t feel unprepared for surprise inspections, stop feeling like you’re out of touch with your organization. Remain at the helm of your establishment with our powerful franchise apps! Start your Workpulse demo today.

Take The Helm With Workpulse