Facility Audit Management
Enabling bakeries / CMLs to ensure 100% audit readiness with a robust audit management regime for exceeding brand expectations and enforcing compliance.


Workpulse Facility Audit Management

Being a central manufacturing location, bakeries need to be 100% compliant not only with food safety guidelines but also other directives with respective to facility hygiene and environment safety. If you are unprepared or lack the clarity for compliance at your bakery, it would be nerve wrecking to watch the auditor go through the checklist and evaluate the facility.

Don’t leave things to chance. Be prepared for any surprise inspection with the Workpulse Facility Audit Management solution. With our solution, you will get access to documented trail of audits conducted at your bakery and with our intuitive trend analysis capabilities, you can identify issues before they become critical problems.

You can create custom audits, schedule them as per your preferred cycle, and assign specific action plans to make sure all non-compliant cases are resolved on time. The powerful analytics and easy to use interface will make facility audit management highly efficient.

The entire data is stored securely and you can access your documented historic data at the click of a button for future reference during audits. To know more about our solution or to request a demo, schedule a consultation with our experts today.


Key Features

  • Audit Management
  • Audit Planning
  • Analytics
  • Create custom checklists and forms for the required audits
  • Control mandatory responses by selecting the answer type and media attachments
  • Provide image-based evidence of audit questions (as required)
  • Schedule audits as per plan and assign auditor to each audit
  • Get each audit validated by an authorized person
  • Track all changes and answers to the audit checklist
  • Assign Action Plans and accountability to responsible person(s)
  • Create and schedule audits that can be started anytime but once started, they have to be completed within a designated number of hours or days
  • Create and schedule audits
  • Expired audits will no longer be accessible post expiry, so notifications will be sent for any pending or expiring audits
  • Action plans can be created and assigned to specific questions as a remedial measure
  • Validation requests can be added to each audit wherever applicable for review
  • Audits can be pre-assigned, re-assigned, or left unassigned (allowing auditors to pick it up as per availability)
  • Detailed analysis and completion status of each audit in real time
  • Details of validation compared with the initial audit in addition to the revision history
  • Status of Action Plans initiated for non-compliant cases
  • Action steps to close Action Plans
Facility Audit

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Why Choose Workpulse?


Custom Audit
For Bakeries

The Workpulse Facility Audit Management solution has been customized to suit the specific needs of any bakery. You can use our pre-defined audit checklists and templates or create your own using our in-built checklist builder.


Action Steps

Follow up every audit with an action plan to resolve all non-compliant cases. Track each action step to ensure resolution of identified issues. Adopt a proactive approach to making your bakery 100% compliant with all guidelines.



Get real time monitoring, trend analysis, evaluation of historical data, and custom reports for making crucial decisions on time. Be prepared for any audit by accessing all audit reports at the click of a button.


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