Performance Management
  1. Create and schedule performance assessments for your employees
  2. Assign development plans for specific training requirements of employees based on their assessment
  3. Track the status of training and make changes based on real time feedback
  4. Get visibility into skill adoption and ensure compliance across the team through proactive coaching and skill development.

Develop The Capabilities

of your employees and help them perform better.

Develop The Capabilities

of your employees and help them perform better.


Get 100% Visibility

into skill adoption with real-time tracking of assigned development plans.

Get 100% Visibility

into skill adoption with real-time tracking of assigned development plans.

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Workpulse Performance Management

High employee turnover has been the biggest challenge facing restaurants. With QSRs having almost 150% employee turnover and the lack of available resources to compensate for the workforce, it is becoming increasingly difficult to ensure adequate sales. Moreover, the frequent changes in the team leads to high training costs, and requires more time for employees to become competent at their work.

The Workpulse Performance Management solution empowers managers to assess the performance of the employees and assign development plans to help them develop their skills faster. With the integrated analytics, it is possible to get real time actionable data to track employee training and include goals and competencies relevant to the team member’s specific role.

An employee’s evaluation should focus on the tasks and responsibilities they take on every day. Use reports to make workforce decisions based on employee accomplishment and improve performance management going forward. Compare employee scores, and review an employee’s performance history with beautifully-designed visual reports.

The Workpulse Performance Management solution makes it easy to customize performance reviews for teams or individual employees and create an adaptive learning path suited to the employee’s competencies.

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The Winning Edge

Create & Schedule Performance Reviews

Create custom assessment forms and schedule them as per the review cycle or according to the designations of the employees. Assign scores to the question and get instant performance scores as soon as the assessment is completed. Compare employee scores, and review an employee’s performance history with beautifully-designed visual reports.

Create and Assign Development Plans

Create and assign custom development plans as per the competency and skill development requirements of the employee. Implement adaptive learning in real time, using mobile tools for managing skills, coaching, self-assessments, observations and just-in-time, on-the-job e-learning, videos and microlearning. Workpulse has developed the technology that delivers the coaching, demonstrations and observations to improve, meet and advance your business goals

Workpulse Intelligence

We have integrated the Workpulse Intelligence engine in the performance management & training system. With this integration, you can easily access real time reports and actionable data to make informed decisions on time. The advanced analytics gives you instant metrics across your organization’s hierarchy.

Track Training in Real Time

Enable frontline employees to demonstrate the application of their training. Track the training in real time to add responsibilities and tasks to accelerate the learning process and provide faster skill development for the employee. Quickly and easily help employees find the information they need in a curated library that is personalized for each user.

Why Does YOUR Restaurant Need
Performance Management?

While high employee turnover and the lack of available resources may be the biggest challenges facing restaurants, especially QSRs, today, restaurant operators have to deal with upholding brand standards which includes making employees competent as per guidelines.

When it comes to evaluating performance, managers still use paper forms, and spreadsheets to assess their employees. This is time consuming, and does not offer real time metrics which is really helpful in taking decisions based on the on-going skill development. Moreover, the existing methods do not provide an effective mechanism to track the training being undertaken by team members, especially when it comes to evaluating the 4 pillars of training (Learn It, See It, Do It, and Check It).

Generic and time-consuming performance reviews are a thing of the past. The Workpulse Performance Management solution ensures every employee gets the detailed evaluation they deserve. It offers the best way to implement a consistent, fair system for the performance review process. Develop the capabilities of your frontline employees through one simple to use platform.

Performance Management Features

  • Assessment
  • Training
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Create custom assessment forms and schedule it as per the review cycle
  • Allow employees to perform self assessment followed by an evaluation by the manager
  • Maintain transparency during the evaluation process by providing relevant status updates
  • Assign scores to the assessment questions and obtain the performance score for each employee
  • Track the performance of an employee in real time and assist with skill development
  • Provide coaching by adding suggestions in the evaluation
  • Create and assign custom development plans as per the specific requirement of the employee
  • Track and monitor the progress of the development plan in real time
  • Create an adaptive learning path by adding responsibilities and tasks as part of the skill development process
  • Understand the competencies of the employee and help them grow into larger roles with customized training programs.
  • Get detailed analysis and completion status of each evaluation in real time
  • Track the performance evaluation and training throughout each stage
  • Get detailed performance metrics and scores for each employee
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Old Way (Reactive) VS New Way (Proactive)

ineffective tracking
no accountability
pencil whipping

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