Facility Maintenance & Helpdesk
Enabling bakeries / CMLs to implement a robust preventative maintenance regime, track expenses, coordinate with service providers, and ensure resolution of all reported issues.


Workpulse Facility Maintenance & Helpdesk

Facility Maintenance

Maintenance and equipment repair costs go through the roof for most restaurants only because the problem was not reported on time, the problem was not reported to the right person, and no one ensured that the problem was resolved. Equipment downtime can lead to huge backlog of production along with unfulfilled demand for the day.

The most effective way to ensure proper uptime, and reduced maintenance cost is to implement a robust digital solution. The best thing about using our facility maintenance solution is that it requires absolutely no training to use


A poor feedback management mechanism can also lead to loss of stores / customers. The Workpulse Facility Maintenance and Helpdesk solution allows you to create and track the status of all tickets created for your bakery. With our documented communication and real time status updates, you will never miss any important complaint.

Schedule a consultation with our experts to see the solution in action. You can easily customize the solution to meet the specific requirements of your bakery.


Key Features

  • Maintenance
  • Helpdesk
  • Analytics
  • Create a task for resolving any identified issues and add relevant details
  • Provide supporting evidence of the problem by uploading a video or up to 5 images
  • Allow tasks to be picked up or closed by responsible people or vendor only
  • Track the status of task progress and ensure it is completed based on its assigned priority
  • Add notes to provide any additional information or coaching required for the particular task
  • Verification of a completed task by the supervisor
  • Track all customer complaints & feedback on an easy-to-use app with a user-friendly interface
  • Assign complaints to the right person for faster resolution
  • Detailed analysis and completion status of each feedback
  • Monitor resolution status and keep things on track by adding internal notes for more information and coaching when needed
  • Detailed analysis and completion status of each task
  • Get case by case progress visibility
  • View expenses for each task or vendor
  • View details and progress of all tasks
  • Customize notifications and alerts based on task priority
  • View task completion times and success rates
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Why Choose Workpulse?


Custom Solution
For Bakeries

The Workpulse Facility Maintenance and Helpdesk solution has been customized to suit the specific needs of any bakery. Implement preventative maintenance to prolong the life of your equipment.


Monitor Tickets
& Expenses

Our solution allows you to track all tickets raised for your bakery and provides the tools to ensure prompt resolution. You can even track maintenance expenses and review your budget periodically.



Get real time monitoring, trend analysis, evaluation of historical data, and custom reports for making crucial decisions on time. Always be aware of the equipment health, facility efficiency, and feedback management for your bakery.


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