Facilities & Equipment Maintenance
  1. Real time task creation, tracking, and monitoring
  2. Provide supporting evidence by uploading a video or up to 5 images
  3. Enforce accountability from reporting to closure
  4. Reduce resolution time by assigning tasks automatically to the right person
  5. Outside vendors seamlessly integrated for zero delay in issue resolution

1+ Millions

Automated corrective Action Generated

30% Less

unnecessary service calls and avoidable service requests.


Monitor Expenses in Real Time

for each maintenance task or service vendor.

Monitor Expenses in Real Time

for each maintenance task or service vendor.

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Workpulse Facilities & Equipment Maintenance

Maintenance and equipment repair costs go through the roof for most restaurants only because the problem was not reported on time, the problem was not reported to the right person, and no one ensured that the problem was resolved. In most cases, there is lack of clarity and communication which makes task management a complex and tedious undertaking. Most importantly, who takes the accountability for the tasks?

With our facilities and equipment maintenance solution, you can now enforce accountability for resolving all raised issues and make sure that the task is completed without getting trapped in the blame game. Know exactly who has reported an issue, who is it assigned to, when it needs to be closed, and get the actual evidence of the work done via images or a 20 second video.

The best thing about using our facilities and equipment maintenance solution is that it requires absolutely no training to use. The SOPs are defined in the system and you only need to follow the mentioned steps to create a task. Each created task is automatically assigned to a predetermined responsible party and progress is 100% visible within the hierarchy.


The Winning Edge

Monitor Tickets in Real Time

Review task summary and completion status in real time. Provide updates to the tasks via notes and assign the task to available team members in the absence of the responsible person. Monitor task management efficiently with our facilities & equipment maintenance solution.


Make Maintenance Management Agile

With the Workpulse Facilities & Equipment Maintenance solution, you can make task management more agile with better communication, improved coordination and enhanced productivity. Never miss another important task due to improper coordination or incomplete information. Enforce accountability and coordinate with vendors directly to ensure the work gets completed.


Workpulse Ops Intelligence

With the Facilities & Maintenance solution’s reporting feature, you can get detailed insights on the tasks created, their resolution, response of people assigned to tasks, and overall efficiency of a location in responding to task requests. Stay informed about the progress of your organization’s tasks with real time notifications.


View Expenses Report for Maintenance Tasks

The Facilities & Equipment Maintenance solution allows admins / executives to get an overview of all task expenses which can be filtered on the basis of each task or each individual. This allows better control on expenses and provides clarity on the expenses made for the resolution of any issue as reported.


Why Does YOUR Restaurant Need
Facilities & Equipment Maintenance?

Did you know you could lose more than just money due to maintenance issues? Imagine the central air conditioning system stopped working on a blistering summer day. It would drive customers away, make it difficult for the staff to operate, and also tarnish the restaurant or brand’s reputation, thereby leading to further loss. Are you prepared to take such a risk?

Our facilities and equipment maintenance solution does not eliminate human intervention; it enhances and empowers it by bringing accountability, automation, and digitization into the process. Now you can track all issues across all your locations and make sure the problems are fixed. If the assigned person for a task is not available, it can be reassigned or picked up by the next authorized personnel.

Location owners can keep track of all expenses invoiced for each fix or maintenance visit. This also helps to understand and compare the budget and expenses across locations. Now you can identify where you are losing money, which areas need immediate attention, and how you can optimize preventative maintenance for all locations. Access all this information and more without having to travel to any location for getting the data.


Facilities & Equipment Maintenance Features

  • Maintenance Management
  • Monitoring
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Create a task for resolving any identified issues and add relevant details
  • Provide supporting evidence of the problem by uploading a video or up to 5 images
  • Allow tasks to be picked up or closed by relevant people only
  • Track the status of task progress and ensure it is completed based on its assigned priority
  • Add notes to provide any additional information or coaching required for the particular task
  • Verification of a completed task by the supervisor
  • View details and progress of all tasks
  • Notifications and alerts based on task priority
  • Access individual employee completion rates for each task
  • View task insights based on location or title
  • View task completion times and success rates
  • Reassign tasks if left unattended by the assigned person
  • Detailed analysis and completion status of each task
  • Case by case progress visibility
  • View expenses for each task, location, region or personnel
  • Comparative analysis of maintenance within a location as well as between multiple locations
  • Advanced automated notifications
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Old Way (Reactive) VS New Way (Proactive)

ineffective tracking
no accountability
pencil whipping

Let The Numbers Speak

Workpulse Facilities & Equipment Maintenance solution has been successfully deployed in over 3000 locations (QSRs and Restaurant Franchises) and is helping businesses improve their brand standards compliance and reduce maintenance costs.

Check out some key statistics.

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Custom maintenance tasks successfully created and completed by our customers

Case Study – Cafua Management Company


Cafua Management Company LLC, a Dunkin Donuts franchisee, with over 250 locations across the US was faced with operational challenges. Apart from the dependency on manual work for daily inspections, food safety, and reporting, the management found it difficult to implement corrective actions on time because the problem identification usually took a week. By then, it was too late to work on the previous issues.

Some of the key challenges faced by Cafua’s management were:

  • No business visibility across functions
  • Maintenance of inspection logs in a physical book (Redbook)
  • Lack of actionable data and real time monitoring
  • Lack of accountability in team members
  • Ineffective enforcement of brand guidelines
  • Frequent trips to locations by Area Managers to gather information
  • Extensive training and onboarding time
  • High cost of operations

Impact of Digital Food Safety Solution

After consulting with Workpulse and understanding the challenges in daily operations, Cafua Management Company subscribed to the Workpulse Restaurant Operating System which offered an integrated platform comprising digital food safety compliance, restaurant audit management, facilities and equipment maintenance, and guest recovery & retention.

With the new system in place at all locations, Cafua managed to achieve the following within 90 days of implementation.

  • 100% business visibility for all locations
  • >90%* brand compliance for all stores
  • Real time actionable data, leading to timely decisions
  • $750* (on average) saved in operational costs per location per month
  • Improved accountability across the hierarchy


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Impact on Topline Sales

0123456789001234567890                     %

increase in topline sales in 2019 compared to 2018

Impact on Operations

0123456789001234567890                     %

increase in productivity within 90 days of implementation.

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