View the history of Workpulse and the milestones that we achieved in our journey.
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Beginning of

In 2012, we began research for the concept of Workpulse apps and identifying areas where we could leverage technology to provide better ways of overcoming the challenges.
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Registration of
The Company

By the end of 2014, we got Workpulse registered as a company and built the team that developed the first app, GiSMo.
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We launched

In 2015, we launched our first app, Workpulse GiSMo which offers guest feedback management and complaint resolution. The app was primarily targeted at Restaurant Franchisees and Quick Service Restaurants.
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We developed
4 New Apps

By mid-2016, we had managed to develop 4 new apps – Book, Audit, Task, and WOW. While WOW was aimed at employee recognition and engagement, the other apps were focused on operations management (with more emphasis on the Restaurant Franchisee and Quick Service Restaurant industry).
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We integrated
IoT, Bluetooth, and Smart Sensors

In 2018, we worked on integrating IoT (Internet of Things) for better automation, smart audits, and enhanced data recording with the use of smart sensors. We also successfully integrated a Bluetooth thermometer with Workpulse BOOK for faster and more accurate temperature measurements.
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We launched the
Health Book

In 2020, we launched the Health Book to allow business units to record and monitor the health of their employees and ensure a COVID-19-free environment at work. The Health Book was integrated with the Thermoworks WAND, a Bluetooth thermometer for recording temperatures directly to the app. The app was launched as an add-on module to the existing Book app and was created for enabling businesses to ensure healthy work environment during and after the pandemic.

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