News & Broadcast
  1. Communicate important information to every user in the organization
  2. Set priorities to make sure critical information doesn’t get unnoticed
  3. Publish content easily from the dashboard
  4. Broadcast brand information and updates in real time

Prioritize Broadcasts

and ensure critical news gets viewed by everyone in the organization.

Prioritize Broadcasts

and ensure critical news gets viewed by everyone in the organization.


Broadcast Information

to your entire organization and never let any important announcement get missed.

Broadcast Information

to your entire organization and never let any important announcement get missed.

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Workpulse News & Broadcast

How often do you communicate important updates to your employees? How many of them actually get the information correctly? Workpulse News and Broadcast solution provides a simple, fast, and effective way to communicate all updates to the employees directly.

Now you can schedule and broadcast information to your entire organization with relevant links and information snippets that can be easily read without having to go through a lot of text. Keep your employees informed about important updates and brand information in real time.

With the Workpulse News and Broadcast solution, you can prioritize information and ensure critical news gets read by all as soon as they log in. You can also customize the notifications to disappear once it has been viewed. This helps to keep only relevant notifications for the user.

3000+ Workpulse subscribers are using the News and Broadcast solution to keep their employees informed about critical news, process updates, and other important information. Schedule a consultation with us to know exactly how our solution can help improve communication at your organization.

Workpulse News

The Winning Edge

Broadcast Information To All Users Instantly

Create a centralized location to communicate with your users directly and instantly. The notification is delivered within the app so the users can immediately check out the information while working. With this new communication channel, you will see an increase in effective and efficient operations.

Implement Crisis Management

Whether it is an emergency situation, bad weather, or another COVID-19 related guideline, our News and Broadcast solution will help you implement a highly effective crisis management protocol to allow you to quickly shift operations seamlessly.

Set Message Priority

Our News and Broadcast feature allows you to set the priority for all messages where critical messages will have to be viewed once the user logs into the system. Other notifications can easily be accessed in the notification list and can be viewed later.

Why Does YOUR Restaurant Need
News and Broadcast?

76% of frontline employees shared that they would feel more connected if they could access company communications on a mobile device. Everyone has access to a mobile device, especially at work. Getting company updates, information and news on the go helps to save time and ensures everyone in the organization receives the communication at the same time.

In addition to ensuring delivery of information, our solution helps to keep the message intact. The message is communicated exactly as it was meant to be, thereby eliminating any chances of misinterpretation. In today’s post Covid-19 pandemic world, restaurants have to cope with the changing situations with fast response. It is critical that every employee be notified about important updates so that appropriate steps can be taken.

The Workpulse News and Broadcast solution provides a simple and effective communication channel which can help you keep your teams in sync with the organization and also ensure that everyone gets the right message at the right time. Schedule a consultation with us to know more about how the News and Broadcast solution can make an impact in your organization.

News & Broadcast Features

  • Communication
  • Prioritization
  • Create and schedule communication directly to all the users in the organization
  • Create rich snippets with links, images or attachments for easy viewing
  • Customize the delivery of information by selecting employees by title
  • Categorize the content for allowing users to browse the information later
  • Ensure all critical messages get viewed by making it mandatory for users to view the information before proceeding further
  • Enable disappearing notifications to reduce clutter and ensure only relevant information is available to the users
Workpulse Broadcast Dashboard
Workpulse News Dashboard
Critical News Dashboard

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