Release NotesDesk 2.1.0 (Feb 2024 Release)

February 23, 20240

We are very excited to announce a new update in this month of 2024.

The Workpulse Desk 2.1.0 version will be available on Google Playstore & Apple App Store from February, 2024.


Key Updates:


Recall Tab Integrated with DeskĀ 

The Recall Tab in the Desk app integrates recall tickets from Belltower for QSR industry compliance. It assigns tickets to location managers with high priority status for immediate action. Users with “Recall Service Board” permission can easily access and manage recall issues within the Desk app.


Notes Integrated with Desk App

Exciting update! Notes feature now integrated into People app for enhanced functionality. Access via highlighted option, create specific types (Organization, Zone, Region, Sub-Region, or Location), set visibility, attach media, and manage comments easily. Upgrade your note-taking experience now!


Option to Attach Different File Format for Ticket

Exciting update! Desk ticket file attachment feature enhanced to support Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and CSV files alongside PDFs. Users can attach up to 5 files per ticket during creation, editing, adding expenses, and comments. Compatible across all service boards, offering greater flexibility in support interactions.


Centralized Notifications

Exciting Update: Centralized Notifications now available on the web interface, offering quick access to deep link-enabled notifications. Stay tuned for upcoming releases to extend this functionality to the Workpulse applications, ensuring a seamless and unified notification experience across platforms.

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