Release NotesPeople 1.4.0 (Feb 2024 Release)

February 23, 20240

We are very excited to announce a new update in this month of 2024.

The Workpulse People 1.4.0 version will be available on Google Playstore & Apple App Store from February, 2024.


Key Updates:


Feedback Functionality

Exciting Announcement: Introducing Feedback in the People app! This feature allows users to give and receive feedback on performance and skills. Users can create new feedback, select recipients, add details, and attach media. Options to share with employees or hierarchy are available, with the ability to edit or delete feedback. Refine feedback with filters like “To,” “From,” and “Feedback Status” for a personalized experience.


Implemented Restricted Words in People

Introducing Restricted Word Functionality in People for system admins! Easily enable it in the Admin   >> Organization >> App Settings >> People. Once activated, control specific words during assessments, development plans, training, and sign-offs. Restricted words are highlighted in red, with a warning to remove them before posting comments. Enhance your admin experience today!


Learning Path Dashboard Report

Experience an enhanced People Learning Path Dashboard with our latest update! Now, user cards prominently display the date of hiring upfront, streamlining data analysis. A new filter based on hiring date allows for refined dashboard reports.


Notes Integrated with People App

Exciting update! Notes feature now integrated into People app for enhanced functionality. Access via highlighted option, create specific types (Organization, Zone, Region, Sub-Region, or Location), set visibility, attach media, and manage comments easily. Upgrade your note-taking experience now!

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