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October 28, 20200

The current health crisis has made all of us pause, reflect, plan, and adapt to new norm today. The rules not only apply to everyday activities but to every area of our work and social lives. Covid-19 has brought the focus back to monitoring and evaluating our systems to keep our business rolling and generating income. If the monitoring of multi-unit operations was crucial for the success of the QSR industry before, it has become even more vital now during the pandemic time. The QSR industry is gearing up with required precautions and safety measures to keep the business running while keeping the customers safe. The frequency of measures and real time compliance demand continuous monitoring. Workpulse aims to aid the QSR industry continually throughout every step of the process. Monitoring is embedded in all of our products including Workpulse Book. Real-time monitoring is of great importance not only to keep our premises and employees safe but also to gain customers’ trust.

So, let’s take a look at why real-time monitoring is much needed in your business. Managing is regular checks conducted while the work in under process. In short, it can be termed as checks conducted to see if the work is progressing in the right direction. Covid-19 has made us rethink the monitoring of the daily operations and the management process itself. These measures are crucial to ensure that locations and meals are hygienic and served to the customers with appropriate precautions and documentation.

Monitoring only has value when the regular checks are in place and that information is recorded. Management must conclude what is working, what is failing, and what can be improved and to eliminate the root cause for the failures. Here information is a key factor. Recording information effectively and efficiently at regular intervals is needed. This can be easily accomplished with Workpulse. The Workpulse mobile applications are designed with the end user in mind, making it effortless to collect the data as part of the everyday workflow. If the data collection is simple it becomes easier to track on a daily and weekly basis.

The monitoring and management in real time to fix problems quickly, and in the long term by showcasing trends within the reporting.

Right now, the QSR industry has adapted quickly to precautionary measures while preparing meals, regular sanitizing process of the premises, regular temperature checkups for employees to list a few. Only proper scheduling and documentation of these procedures will be viewed as acceptable.

The first task on hand for the monitoring and management process is to design or chart a course that is doable, sufficient, and scheduled according to the business demands. The information collected will give you clear view into how your business is being operated. If the data suggests any additional steps need to be taken, they can be added to the regular daily, weekly, or monthly task list.

What if all of incredibly valuable data collected could be viewed anytime and anywhere on your mobile device? Workpulse gives you the ability to view the recorded data remotely from any and all of its applications. Imagine; without traveling anywhere, the management personnel can view the data of any of its various locations, in real-time. You can even monitor employee Pre-Shift Health Checks & Readiness in real-time with HealthBook, as it records health check data of employees on every shift.

Monitoring can also be done for the quality of products received by your various vendors. How would you like to see a report on the quality of product with pictures at your fingertips?

Monitoring is adapted at every step of the work process where evaluation is done. Evaluation is required if the business needs to be run successfully and effectively. In short, monitoring provides a robust and credible system for constant evaluation of the quality in the work process and product.

Tightening the reins on monitoring means, the management work process can flow smoothly.  Steps of monitoring in the QSR industry can include the following – Temperature checks on products or employees, Sanitization of location or employees, Scheduled cleaning process in commonly used areas such as door handles/fridge doors/countertops to name a few. On completion of any task, it is documented in the cloud real time. Regular and recurring checks on the usage of gloves/masks by personnel can be scheduled easily. Imagine having these procedures in place with records for cleaning/sanitization/PPE usage/employee health/brand compliance across all of your locations.

Monitoring and evaluation can prove to be an effective tool when accurate data is recorded on time. Any kind of misinformation in the data will be exposed instantly so that you can take action. So, the key to successful monitoring is access to the information at your fingertips so management can make timely decisions.

Workpulse Book is the #1 choice for digital operations and mobile management by franchisees of Dunkin Baskin in the QSR industry.  Workpulse Book is designed to assist QSR personnel to record, read, and evaluate data in real-time. It is even more important now during a pandemic wherein remotely monitoring is taking the center stage of running multiple QSR. The option to view the data based on the geographic location gives a view into the real-time operations of the business. Based on the data, the ASL can take appropriate actions before larger issues appear.

The decisions might figure into the category of –

  • Cutting down waste and labor costs in a moment’s notice
  • Seeing what your vendors are providing in real time
  • Accountability and finding your most reliable and promotable employees
  • Documenting your efforts to keep locations, employees, and guests safe

Workpulse is your business partner when you decide to utilize technology to gain an advance. Workpulse Book has completely replaced the physical, archaic logbook, and simplified the process that allows you to view multiple data across multiple locations in real-time.

Let Workpulse Book or any of our suite of mobile applications help you take your business to the next level of efficiency and increased profitability. You can’t be everywhere, Workpulse can.

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