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December 30, 20190

Managing operations is hard in the smallest or largest of businesses. We all look for efficiency and accuracy in our performance across markets. Restaurant Chains have been operating in the US successfully since the 1920’s, and today we see there are multinational corporations with countless outlets across the globe. These large chains have succeeded where others have failed by utilizing all of the tools available for more efficient operations and time management. If you are an owner or operator of a chain or multi-unit restaurant, wouldn’t you use the newest technology to maximize your profits? What if there were an App to remotely operate a chain of restaurants with state-of-the-art efficiency! If you knew of a solution that other franchisees and owners were utilizing to improve efficiencies and take their businesses to the next level, wouldn’t you want to learn more about that solution? That’s where Workpulse comes into the picture.

A suite of apps to operate your chain of restaurants from your mobile device

Recently, there have been significant improvements made to the tools we have available as restaurant operators. This leap in technology has opened up new venues to operate remotely and follow up on work in multiple locations. Apps have made it easier to know the real-time status of each location remotely. If you are in Operations across a chain of restaurants, you definitely will look for features to aid you in receiving information timely and accurately. Thinking how an app can assist you to manage locations remotely? Our apps are designed to work around the operations of any number of restaurants, from deciding the temperature uniformity of refrigerators & freezers to the cleanliness of your dining area! Isn’t it amazing? Workpulse has several applications that could help you run your business, and you have a choice of selecting the best suited apps for your needs. We will give you a few more reasons as to how collaborating with us is beneficial to your business.

Workpulse is flexible

We design solutions suited to small operations with a few locations, to multi-chain restaurants featuring multiple concepts and hundreds of locations. These applications are designed to improve operational efficiencies in QSR, fast-food, cafeteria style, fast casual, or full service. Literally any restaurant or hospitality business that is seeking operational accountability is a fit for Workpulse.

Workpulse is simple and easy to use

If you are wondering, will the applications be simple to understand at the store level by everyone on the floor? Of course, it is. Each of our apps is designed to be simple and easy to use from day 1. Every employee can contribute immediately and is accountable for their time. With easy navigation and touch screen facility, daily tasks can be handled quickly and accurately by any employee, even a new hire with limited experience.

Workpulse is economical

The Workpulse Solution is not heavy on your pocket. The pricing of the suite of applications is dependent on your organization’s size and type of business needs. Workpulse has a scalable pricing model working in favor of its users. You can choose individual apps to fit your needs, or bundle apps for a discount as your organization grows.

Buy now and use immediately

Concerned about the time it takes to get started? Once we have created your database, you can start using the applications in a matter of minutes. Surprised? Don’t be! Workpulse does not need any expensive servers or infrastructure set up, that fact saves you time and money. We offer the security of cloud-based applications, all your restaurants need is an internet connection and a mobile device to start benefitting from the Workpulse solution suite of apps.

Accessibility across platforms

All of the Workpulse apps are built on to work across IOS and Android platforms. The reports and admin data are easily accessible from the web giving an exception to Book, Audit and WOW, which are built to be used only on IOS and Android mobile devices. The GiSMo and Task can be used from the web too. Well, mobile convenience being the key here, you can work with what is available at hand. If the tablet at the location is being used, the manager can just pull out their smartphone and complete their tasks, all the while, the owner is checking the same restaurant’s progress in real time, on their laptop in another location.

Security of workpulse

The applications access can be granted based on the responsibility level. The access is secured by one touch-login along with data protection. The credentials of the user are saved at the very first instance for mobile application users and they need not login time and again for any other Workpulse applications. Not all the employees will have access to all the levels. Employees can access only so far as permission is granted. Authorized ASL will have access to all the modules and historical data.

Monitor your business remotely

Our apps allow you to check the task status in real-time. Live updates give you information about corrective actions, missed tasks, and status of the tasks such as in progress, completed, deferred so on. You can even receive notifications in real time when maintenance is needed at a location and if a guest had a less than satisfying experience during a visit to one of your restaurants.

Workpulse stands by your growth

Workpulse aims to be your partner in business growth. With just a few clicks you can scale your business to meet your needs. With our suite of apps, you have an opportunity for centralized management thereby giving you the option to check, change, and control any aspect of your business. Essentially,
Workpulse is giving you the ability to Monitor and Manage all of your locations from anywhere on any device as they operate in real time. Workpulse is flexible, simple to understand and use, with options to customize to your organization’s requirements. With accessibility across platforms, moderately priced apps all in favor of our users and their needs in today’s business world. If your need is to maintain uniformity across locations of your restaurants then be assured Workpulse is the one solution to fit the bill. Saving time and allowing you to get back to the business of growing your customer count is what works in favor of Workpulse, and it’s what works for you.
So, here we are. It is time to let Workpulse make managing your multi unit business stress-free. We are more than glad when subscribers tell us that our apps allow them to do their work efficiently, effectively and remotely. By continuous and organized follow up of your operations, you too will be directly
increasing your operational efficiency, which is a very important factor for growing a more successful business.
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