BlogDid you know the quality and safety in your restaurant is directly proportional to your profits? Here’s how:

December 14, 20190

Setting aside is a priority for some entrepreneurs and administrators, and restaurants are no exception. Working expenses rapidly add up and can whittle down your restaurant’s overall revenue. The good news is your operations can take several small steps to help save money and improve overall profit.

Maintain the quality of food:

How exactly do we judge whether we like a restaurant or not? The food, the ambience, the references that we hear etc. They say, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. It is true that sometimes we love to go to out of the way to even small restaurants because the taste of their food or their service is amazing. Be it big or small as a restaurant owner, it is very important to know that we need to provide safe and high-quality food to all our customers. Despite the competition, customers return to a particular restaurant for quality, cleanliness, and value. Quality of good food always remains strong in our memories which is why we return to make more memories in the same restaurant. Many QSRs and restaurant franchises have started using digital solutions to help increase consistency and improve guest experience. It is true that few restaurants are known by their brand, but to retain the popularity of a brand they need to make sure to provide the same quality of food to every guest, anytime of day or night. When people walk through the restaurant doors, they are expecting to enjoy their meal. A good restaurant should not compromise when it comes to serving great food in a welcoming atmosphere. Setting high standards when it comes to the food quality and guest satisfaction is vital. Knowledgeable and friendly staff serving quality and tasty food will earn a restaurant a good reputation, causing customers to make return visits.

Positive reviews are the key to success:

A good restaurant will have a highly experienced chef, has the staff trained to prepare meals using the best practices, proper tools, high quality ingredients to ensure consistency. It is important for restaurants to maintain their level of quality every time as most of the business for restaurants or branding improves through word of mouth. It is known that we tend to listen to our friends or family when they recommend a restaurant and try out the same. But similarly, when someone gives a bad review for a restaurant, it is for sure that the word passes on. Negativity spreads faster than positive reviews. Any branded restaurant doesn’t create its brand overnight. It happens over a period of time and maintaining the brand name requires dedication and willingness. Keep track of restaurant feedback with GiSMo.

Keep the premises clean:

Restaurant cleanliness is essential and it will determine whether customers enjoy the dining experience and return. No one wants to eat in a place that is dirty as it reflects badly on the guest’s overall experience. Keeping the space clean is not something the management can take lightly as it can have very serious consequences. Cleanliness will help to avoid potential issues such as illness. Creating a good impression is very important and a clean space will encourage people to sit and anticipate a great meal. All areas must be kept clean and this includes the front and back of the restaurant, restrooms and employee areas. Also, the cleanliness of the restaurant reflects directly on the food safety. Fine dining for people in a restaurant is a complete experience. It includes good quality food, nice ambience, clean restaurant etc. When a customer enjoys this total experience, he or she is happy and will become a loyal customer and spread the word. As they say money makes money. It is easier to compete when the competitors are less. But that’s not the game today. There are really big restaurant chains who have loyal customers and this has helped their brand grow and make it big. Making profits is easier when the quality of food, service, and cleanliness are the number #1 priority. I wish there was a way to see my restaurant’s cleaning tasks as they are completed.

Work it out digitally :

There are few digital solutions in order to maintain the cleanliness and quality of the food in the restaurants. Our experience working with and as operators of QSR ourselves has led to the creation of a real solution. Our BOOK app is made to help QSRs and restaurant franchisees run operations more easily, the way they have always envisioned. This app helps in multiple functionalities in the restaurant and makes maintaining the results you expect a pleasure, not a chore. At Workpulse, we believe that everyone should have access to the latest technology for leveraging it to provide accountability for staff and an overall better customer experience. With the proper training and tools like digital solutions , your team can improve operations and increase profitability. At Workpulse, we believe in adding value to our solutions by ensuring that our customers get the right solution with the right technology.

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