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April 2, 20200

Technology and Digitization have transformed the functioning of restaurants across the globe. Technology has changed how the kitchen, ordering process and deliveries are handled today. A recent survey has found that 73% of diners agree to the fact that technology has considerably improved their experience with restaurants. Surveys also suggest, that 40% of customers prefer to order online from the restaurants. These percentages signify that digital services like online ordering will continue to be significant in the restaurant’s success. So, what do you think can manage your restaurants better in the future? Robust restaurant management software has resulted in automation and the QSR industry is undergoing a transition to technology.

Let us understand how technology helps shape the future of the QSR industry.

Manpower reduction

Automation has reduced the dependency on human power. The menus and the recipe ingredients are available on apps to make it easier to look up and order. The e-menu option is easy to maintain and update. The room for mistakes is minimal. The communication from order to delivery is taken over by simplicity of using an the app. Yes, there are chances of loop holes, but the chances of mistakes happening for the wrong delivery of the order are negligent.

User interface

UI is extremely important as it is the first thing that catches the eye of the customer. The UX reflects the brand entity of the restaurant. The UX design should be engaging and interactive in your digital platforms. The action movements within the screen, that is navigation experience such as clicking on menu items, details of the menu, choosing the menu options, option to customize the menu and payment should be flexible to use and easy to navigate. At the same time, the need is to remember the ordered menu items for future use.

Retaining the brand experience

Retention of brand experience in a digital way is crucial. It becomes difficult to handle customers and experiences virtually. The challenge is to provide customers the same experience as of the real-time restaurants. The touchpoints on the screen establish a connection between the consumer and you. It can either get stronger with time or weaker based on how the brand is perceived. Operations managed by application suites such as Workpulse, are proven to help you build a better brand experience during a dine-out in your favorite restaurants.

Better interaction

While giving orders, some of us are specific not to have mushrooms in our dish. The same option to remove unwanted ingredients from the dish adds value to customer experience.  Every time a customer smiles with satisfaction loyalty is earned for the brand. Optimizing the experience restaurants can scale their business by repeated orders from loyal, satisfied customers.

Brand online affects offline business too

Online order data gives insight into customer’s needs, likes, and preferences while placing orders. This insight data can be deciphered to decide on the kind of dishes and reducing the time of delivery. In short, data can be used to drive efficiency in business both online and offline.  The upcoming technologies such as AI and data science come into the picture to analyze data and aid to arrive at decisions.

Easy menu and price updates

Going digital makes it easy to update the menu and price dynamically which will be reflected uniformly across all the restaurants. Uniformity of the menu and price is easy to maintain digitally. You have the option to change the menus daily based on the customer response. You can check how the menus are faring with customers based on their feedback. The data again plays a crucial role here. Data can aid to strategize the business.  Based on the feedback you can make the changes accordingly to increase ROI.

Promotion of offers

Digital marketing creates the opportunity to announce offers such as ‘Happy first 10 orders’ or discount offers for your online orders. This can attract customers and encourage them to check your app regularly. This loyalty can be gained only when they are happy with the service too. Customer experience and excellent service will hook customers to your restaurant and offers.

Nutrition tips

Small tit bits

about the ingredients that go to recipes will encourage customers to look more into the menu. The small steps to create awareness about nutrition can go a long way for the customers and also for the restaurant business. This is also an attempt to add value to the brand. This can also gain customer loyalty as they trust your products to be high on nutrition value.

Keep the customers engaged

Restaurants always have videos, music, sports that are live happening. Same way digitally, you can keep guests engaged via entertaining and informational videos. This reduces the feel of the waiting time for placing orders.

Management of queues

Estimating the time for delivery is crucial in the QSR industry. The millennial crowd placing online orders value their time and expect on-time delivery. The estimated time for the delivery along with token numbers would help them to be aware when their delivery will be ready. At the same time, it will reduce the waiting crowd at your pickup point.

Customer feedback

Feedback is important in the QSR industry. Digitally it is easier to get customer feedback. They can provide feedback with just a few clicks. The feedback can be specific to dish ordered, to service rendered, even to ask if they had to wait longer than expected. This type of real time data will be valuable in improvising the system.

With all the above points taken into consideration, we see that much data is involved in making all this possible. The young and old restaurants of the QSR industry will have to manage the customer data initially with digitalization in the daily operations of the restaurants. Digitization is a must to progress in the QSR business today. To keep up with the ever-challenging crowd of demanding customers, operations and data management is the only way to grow in this competitive business. The technology and digitization of the restaurant industry is helping operators to:

  • Elevate the customer experience
  • Be Cost-Effective
  • Arrive at decisions faster in Real-time based on data in hand
  • Increase customer satisfaction

Workpulse is designed to aid your business to grow using technology. The suite of apps will give you data in real-time along with the ability to keep track of customer preferences and improve operations. The use of analytics gives the data about the frequency of orders based on the recipe, and based on customers preferences also. With data in hand, you can strategize your business to increase revenue. Using technology as a tool to grow your business is a necessity today as the QSR industry is increasingly competitive with new brands and ideas every day.

Call Today to schedule a demonstration of the Workpulse solution. 1-856-282-6044. Every second counts while growing your business. Email today or call Workpulse to take a step forward.

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