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June 14, 20200

Re-open your restaurant with confidence!

Have you been making changes to ensure that you are taking care of your restaurant’s health? You may wonder what this exactly means. Your restaurant’s health depends on your employee’s health and how prepared your restaurant is to start inviting guests again. We know how badly the food industry has been hit during this unprecedented time. Your customers are more cautious than ever before when it comes to sanitization, employee health, and the preparedness of the place where it is prepared.

Consequently, to help you reopen your restaurants with peace of mind we, at Workpulse, are happy to introduce new features to help your business!

Adapting to the new normal

Operators of the QSR industry have seen rapid changes and challenges in the last few months. We are witnessing several recommendations and new standards being introduced in the industry. Maintaining strict compliance in your business can be difficult without the proper tools.  To help you deal with these new sets of challenges, Workpulse has emerged with a solution that can be used integrating with the existing Book App.

Let’s have a look at the details that the package has to offer.

This new feature, The COVID 19 Healthy Business Compliance and Assurance Package helps the operators of the industry meet the recommended guidelines for healthy employees and locations.

The package offers simplified data collection, storage, and verification with the below Tasks

  1. Pre-shift employee health check

  2. Daily health screening report

  3. Location health checklist

  4. Employee health checklist

Even before the employees commence work, they are screened as per the guidelines. This process can be completed in under a minute and the report of the health screening is readily available through the Workpulse Book reporting in app and on the Web. This helps the managers to screen and document all employees prior to entering the work area based strictly on the published questions. This is crucial in preventing any symptomatic employees from entering the workplace in the first place.

The Book app also helps the managers to complete the continued documentation of the Location Health using the recurring checklist which gives a clear picture of the cleanliness, preparedness, and compliance of the Location. Since these tasks are termed as time-sensitive, the app also sends reminder notifications to the managers ensuring that they are continually completing them. Health Departments and brands have strict guidelines for use of Plexiglass dividers, PPE, Social Distancing, Awareness Signages, and Scheduled Sanitation & Cleaning. The Book app helps to make the Location Health a documented, easy to use verification of the above compliances.


The next task is to make sure the Employee’s Health is continually monitored and documented as part of the compliance package. This includes verification of the Pre-shift Employee Health Check, frequent checks regarding the employees are using Gloves, Masks, PPEs and following Social Distancing guidelines. All questions repeat with your desired frequency included in the scheduled Employee Health Checklists, including frequency of Hand Washing, & Touch-Free Product Handoffs with guests.

Workpulse Book data is documented, verified and stored in the cloud. Book reporting is available on the mobile device or Web, making it easily available for inspection by managers, brand reps, and health officers of the governing agencies.

Now that you are continually documenting all the tasks necessary to verify that your restaurant and employees are healthy, you can welcome your guests with peace of mind. The customers are more confident to enter a business that can be viewed documenting, taking the steps, and meeting all the guidelines of safely operating a business during a time like this.

You are now ready to reopen and continue operating with confidence knowing that guests and inspectors will find your location and employees prepared to do business safely.

If you are ready to reopen or simply have a desire to improve operations, dial 1-856-282-6044, or email us for a quick conversation. Workpulse can help you take your business operations to a higher standard.

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