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November 29, 20200

The Short & Long Term Impact on Restaurants Due to COVID-19

The Pandemic’s impact on the world has been immense. All the industries and organizations have felt the impact to a great extent. Restaurants have borne the brunt beyond imagination. Customer behavior since COVID-19 has impacted the working of the QSR industry and dine-in restaurants. While the QSR industry is taking safety norms seriously and adapting to the changes required, some industry experts say that they are far from working in ‘new normal’. The industry stalwarts claim that the QSR industry is trying to stabilize itself and trying to work around the ways of customer behavior. The industry as such is still quite far from ‘new normal’.

The Short – Term Effects of COVID-19 on The QSR Industry

Customers are apprehensive to visit the restaurant or dine-in place. Pandemic and uncertain future has made customers little wary of spending money. The other short term side effects are

  • The orders are focused more on family meals.
  • There is a substantial increase in home alcohol consumption.
  • Customers are piling up excess groceries. The grocery sales saw an increase in sales of 8% in April.
  • Consumers are relying on ordering ahead using apps and pick up or delivery based on convenience.
  • Consumers expect the restaurants to use technology like Workpulse to better prepare.

The Long Term Effects of COVID-19 on The QSR Industry

The industry experts believe it is too early to predict the long-term effects of the pandemic on consumer behavior. The QSR industry and dine-in restaurants are marketing to cater to consumers following the norms for safety for COVID-19. One understood factor is that consumers will expect hygiene, cleanliness, and sanitization.

Other long-term effects expected are:

  • The online orders, via apps, delivery, pickup, and drive-through will continue.
  • The customer expectation for safety norms followed for food preparation and packaging will increase in packaging & pick up solutions.
  • The consumers tend to pick up pre-packaged food items will increase.
  • Contactless delivery and kiosks ordering systems will be accepted as normal.
  • Mobile technology like Workpulse is expected to play a large part in documenting compliance.

How Are The QSR Industry & Dine-in Restaurants Responding To The Situation?

The QSR industry and restaurants took a pause and are finding new ways to adapt and survive. Though in the short term the focus was entirely on understanding the customer behavior, in the long term they are looking toward innovation and fresh ways to adjust to a pandemic

  • Tamper-proof packaging of food items following by labeling
  • Clear communication of sanitization processes and practices to follow at the workplace.
  • Following social distancing norms strictly with contactless pickup.
  • Rearranging the dine-in setup with special arrangements for families.
  • Scheduled compliance cleaning & staying prepared for sanitary inspections.

In the background, the QSR industry and restaurants are adapting to the changes. The industry is far more prepared to handle the situation now than in March and April. The QSR industry and restaurants are looking for reliable trustworthy mobile solutions like Workpulse. Business partners sharing the same goal for safety establishes relations in business. The past months have forced the industry to find new ways to execute their operations at the same time looking for innovation to adapt, survive, and grow during the pandemic.

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