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February 6, 20200

The groundwork for Quick Service Restaurants has always been service speed, convenience to the customers and cost they pay for the food – affordability. The QSR industry is growing faster and so are the number of customers using the QSR services. Today, in the US, millennials are looking for value, fast service, convenience, and multiple choices available for scheduling their food deliveries than ever before.

Hence, research predicts the global QSR industry to reach $690.80 billion in 2022. Though the QSR industry has been functioning from the 19th century, the operations today demand technology to reimagine the digitally savvy customer experience. Technology and Digitalization are spearheading growth in the QSR industry. Smartphones and Connectivity have bridged the gap between consumers and their services, and in fact, made the restaurants’ operations easy too. The QSR industry is exploring ways to connect to their customers innovatively to provide service faster and better.

Let us have a closer look at how restaurant operators are in need of digital transformation.

Integrating technology & innovation to simplify “daily operations”

The daily operations of a chain of QSR begin from cleaning the restaurant to start a fresh day until closing the restaurants at the same time across locations. Maintaining uniformity of these operations across different locations has created a demand for technology integration into daily operations of these restaurants.

In the QSR segment, to have a competitive edge today, the restaurant operators are ready to invest in customer-servicing competences, such as app ordering and different ways of easy payment modes. But ever thought about the back-end operations that will help create better customer experiences as well? We, at Workpulse, provide these QSRs with an innovative suite of applications that help the restaurant operators in managing the in-house operations on daily, weekly, and monthly operations. To learn more, please visit to

Are you tracking your tasks efficiently?

With snowballing customer demand for better convenience and speed, QSRs must respond by employing more vigorous digital solutions in their day-to-day operations. Digital applications that help track operations across locations and maintain records of the same are the digital operational needs of the QSR industry today.

With technology integrations like Bluetooth and Cloud Storage, tracking is made easier than ever before. May it be a simple temperature tracking of your cold storages and refrigerators, signboards, tracking the footfalls in the restaurants at the peak hours or the customer wait time and delivery time, employees of the restaurants are responsible for maintaining this data and reporting it to the concerned lead. With digitalization on this ground, enterprise-level reporting is just a click away with the usage of modern-day devices like mobiles and tablets. Thanks to this technology that has enabled the restaurant operators to monitor and manage all the operations from anywhere and on any device at the enterprise level.

Artificial intelligence & analytics – nextgen technology

The QSR industry is at the core of a digital uprising that is mainly pushed by a tech-savvy consumer base. While the QSR industry growth forecasts are highly promising, these industries must make strategic operational enhancements and expansions to be involved in such developments.

Today, quick-service restaurants can rely on real-time data insights rather than making presumptions about customer behaviors. This will help the restaurant operators make more informed decisions, as well as implement the changes and uniform improvements across locations. Hence, these QSRs will be better positioned to manage and create positive customer experiences.

Using different operations tracking apps will help the QSR to understand the customer base better. Embrace the NextGen technologies, the QSR industry is flooded with data. How you harness the data collected from digital channels and point of sale can be the decisive factor for increasing your sales and engaging with the customer. These analytical insights also help the managers of the restaurants to optimize the in-house scheduling, along with employee placements at peak hours. Everything from the kitchen layout to menu boards, to the placements of tables and chairs, can influence the better speed and convenience making these insights a helpful means for creating a perfect customer experience.

By following up with the day to day activity, you can arrive at the customer behavior and understand them better. The other factors to consider are climate, sports, and traffic to plan ahead for your restaurants to work effectively. How well you know your customers allows you to connect with them. On establishing the connection, it is easy to predict their tendencies and time of the orders. Data is very crucial to making real-time decisions which can result in improved sales every day and every hour.

Yes, it is a digital revolution in the QSR industry

Technology has proven it is integral for growth in the QSR industry as well as necessary to get a firm hold in such a competitive industry. Although the QSR industry has embraced next-generation technology; it has yet to set a strong foothold for adaption during customer interactions and in back-office operations.  At the same time, an idea of traffic expected during weekdays, weekends and on holiday season is crucial to cater to additional customers. Consideration of the customer’s preference for food choices and time frame will gain their trust and loyalty.

Technology is again a tool within the QSR industry to do business better. Understanding the nuances of the technology and use it to their benefit is in the hands of QSR owners. QSR owners can leverage the available technology to meet customer demands efficiently, in the ever-growing competitive market. Time is money when it comes to business growth. Is your business sitting idle or are you looking for growth?

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