Release NotesBook 6.4.0 (Feb 2024 Release)

February 23, 20240

We are very excited to announce a new update in this month of 2024.

The Workpulse Book 6.4.0 version will be available on Google Playstore & Apple App Store from February, 2024.


Key Updates:


Book Task Progress Report- Sub Region View Enhancement

Exciting Update: Book Task Progress Report now features Sub-Region View, offering users a deeper understanding of task progress by revealing associated sub-regions and locations. Available on both web and mobile for seamless exploration.


Merchandising Report: Inactive Tasks Visibility

New Feature: “Show Inactive Tasks” added to the Merchandising Report, enhancing task management. Users can easily view inactive tasks within the drop-down menu by enabling the checkbox for comprehensive visibility. Default setting keeps focus on active tasks. This feature is also available in application. 


Task Dashboard Report Enhancement

New visual cues indicate task status, with an (X) icon for scheduled but unsubmitted tasks and a grey box for unscheduled tasks. Interface updates streamline task management, offering users a clearer view of task states. Integrated seamlessly into the Book application for enhanced reporting capabilities. This feature is also available in application. 


Book Task Schedule

New Feature: “Override Location Hours” checkbox introduced in Book Task Scheduling. Users can customize hours by selecting “Custom Hours” or “Before/After Location Open/Close” options. Enhances flexibility in scheduling tasks to align with specific location hours.

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