Case Study: ARF Corp improved
30% operational efficiency in just 90 days

after implementing the Workpulse Restaurant Management Platform


Having been in business for a few years with a couple of locations, ARF Corp. (Dunkin Donuts Franchise) was trying to scale up its operations and improve efficiency. The entire management and operations of the locations was dependent on legacy systems which comprised emails, text messages, and spread sheets. None of these were effective in giving real time information for every store.

Key Challenges

Manual Processes & Pencil Whipping
All entries for inspections and daily tasks were maintained in a physical book which made it nearly impossible to retrieve data and analyze it for all the locations. Without such metrics, improving the performance and efficiency was a major challenge.
Lack of Visibility For All Locations
The management did not have adequate visibility across different functions. The lack of data, inefficiency of area managers, and a reactive approach were the main obstacles hindering operational efficiency. The team also lacked accountability which meant that tasks were usually left incomplete and fixing issues ended up being a tedious task.
Traveling to Each Location for Information
Area managers had to visit locations in order to get the information for each store. This was not only time consuming but also limited the number of locations that a manager could review regularly. Assembling the required information at each location was very time consuming.
Lengthy SOP Training for Employees
On an average, it took 3 weeks to train employees in all SOPs. Proficiency in the respective areas was achieved in 4 months with the existing legacy systems and dependencies. With a turnover rate of over 150% an organization cannot scale easily when it takes 4 months for an employee to reach full proficiency.

Management’s Expectations

Digitization of Operations
With digital tools and automation, the SOPs would be easily implemented across all functions of operations and would allow all activities to be tracked properly.
Real Time Reporting
Real time reporting would allow managers and executives to get the current snapshot of performance across locations. The addition of actionable data would enable them to have a proactively focus their efforts on priority and business impacting areas.
Enterprise Reporting
The senior management required specific reports for making crucial business decisions that would have an impact on their operational expenses, productivity, and sales.
100% Business Visibility
Franchises often operate with more than 5 locations on average and it is critical for the management to have 100% visibility at each store level to identify trends and areas that require attention.
The traditional legacy systems are not only time consuming, but also do not enforce accountability in an effective manner. This results in the tasks remaining incomplete and no one stepping up to get things done with accountability. The management expected accountability from every team member in the organization’s hierarchy.
Plan Effective Store Visits
Frequent store visits just to get information is time consuming and prevents above store managers from managing more locations effectively. The management expected less visits but with more effective outcomes.

Initial Considerations For Digital Operations

ARF Corp management team searched for digital operation systems that could meet their expectations, streamline all operations, and provide all features in a single platform. While they came across various individual solutions, none of them provided an integrated platform which could take care of all restaurant operations.

The primary findings included:

  • Multiple systems were available with different user interface which made it difficult for seamless usage across the apps.
  • IoT and solution integration options were not available.
  • The subscription to the available solutions were very expensive and it was not feasible to justify the investment in a QSR business.
  • The learning curve for using the solutions effectively was very steep. With 150% employee turnover in the restaurant industry, it was a challenge to train people to use the system effectively.

The Solution

As no existing solution was able to meet the expectations of ARF Corp’s management, the CEO took an initiative to create an integrated and cost-effective platform for the QSR franchises.

The aim was to develop a restaurant operations platform that was easy to use, required almost no training, had pre-defined SOPs, was cost effective for franchises, and supported business scalability.

After much research and planning, the Workpulse Platform was created. The platform was designed to work seamlessly for restaurant operations by providing a high degree of flexibility, automation, reliability, and ease of use. Most importantly, it brought the pulse of the organization in the palm of the management’s hands.

With real time reporting, multi-location monitoring, and accountability, ARF Corp was able to have complete visibility across all locations and received actionable data (for the first time) which helped them improve 30% efficiency in just 90 days.

Impact of the Workpulse Platform

Proactive Approach

With actionable data and accountability, the approach immediately changed to proactive rather than being reactive.

Improved Employee Efficiency

At the store level, time was saved with respect to training the employees to use the SOPs within the platform. For above store level leaders, the real time data and notifications allow coaching to be provided to the employees in addition to identifying areas of improvement as well as productivity. All of this contributed towards improved employee efficiency.

Immediate Visibility Across Functions

The platform enabled managers to get 100% visibility for restaurant operations and allowed critical issues to be addressed immediately. Unnecessary service calls were avoided and the team was able to fix issues themselves. This enabled the team to  provide greater than expected guest experience.

Effective Ops Management

Executing well within the confines of the restaurant location has a direct correlation with guest experience. The Workpulse Platform immediately resolved all challenges with ops management, and helped team members to focus on driving what really mattered.

Increased Span of Control for Above Store Level Leaders

With store level metrics and real time analysis available at the click of a button, Above Store Level Leaders were able to manage 8-10 locations instead of just 4-5. The platform enabled them to get more and do more with less efforts, thereby making their visits to restaurant locations really effective.

Increased Guest Retention

With the Workpulse Platform, the team was able to respond to guest feedback faster (50% faster response time) and ensure proper resolution on time. This directly led to an increase in guest retention for all locations.

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