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October 18, 20220

Unbelievable offers by workpulse at Dunkin-Baskin global convention in Las Vegas at booth # 912

While the Covid pandemic did slow down things, it could never deter the Dunkin’ brand from continuing its growth. After a long wait, the Dunkin-Baskin Global Convention is finally scheduled to take place on 17th October at Las Vegas. We are super-excited to get the opportunity to interact with operators and members of the Dunkin-Baskin franchise family.

Over the last 2 years, we have been working hard to upgrade our Restaurant Operating System (rOS) that is currently helping 5000+ Dunkin restaurants operational at full efficiency and ensure compliance with brand standards. Our products are now equipped with new features and
capabilities that are customized for seamless integration with any Dunkin or Baskin restaurant.

You can now take a closer look at our automated temperature monitoring feature that makes use of brand-approved sensors to allow 24×7 monitoring with real time notifications. We have also created a compliance task dashboard exclusively for Dunkin franchisees to enable them to showcase the compliance of their restaurants in a click and help business consultants & Eco Sure auditors complete their evaluations quickly.

We have also upgraded our preventative maintenance solution with advanced helpdesk capabilities keeping in mind the needs of QSRs as well as CMLs. Meet our reps during the event to see our audit management app in action. It now has advanced reporting, business reports,
trend analysis, and validation audits that can turn your regular inspection data into a world of valuable insights. Workpulse is proud of being the preferred operations management platform for the largest Dunkin Franchisee (USA) along with the top 5 largest franchisees in North America.

In addition to our popular Restaurant Operating System, we are finally bringing the retail management system for back-office operations management. It’s time to upgrade your legacy systems with a modern system that empowers operators with business insights and helps them
save costs, minimize waste, streamline production, and manage inventory from a single interface. If you are already a Workpulse subscriber, this system can easily integrate with your current dashboard, giving you enhanced reporting and analytics for your restaurant.

To make this event even more memorable, Workpulse will be sharing some unbelievable offers for the attendees. You have an opportunity to win a Brand-New Samsung Tablet or an iPad at the Workpulse booth! Seems unreal? It just gets better. If you know a Dunkin franchisee who could use some help for improving operational efficiency, just share a referral and win an exclusive credit of up to $500. *Restrictions do apply. There are many more interesting offers that you can find out only when you visit our booth at the convention.


Being a Dunkin operator myself, I know the struggles that every operator has experienced during the last 2 years. However, we managed to come out stronger than before and it’s time to celebrate our unity as members of the Dunkin’ family. I am proud of the achievements of Workpulse subscribers. It encourages me and the team to continue pushing the boundaries and deliver capabilities to empower franchisees with insights to make their restaurants successful. I am looking forward to meeting my Dunkin’ family at the convention and invite everyone to visit us
during the event.
– Arun Mandi
CEO – Workpulse

Team Workpulse will be attending all the days of the convention. Feel free to drop by Booth #912 to check out our latest products, try your luck at winning our exclusive rewards, learn more about upcoming features from the VP of Products, or to have a long-awaited conversation with us. We are really excited to see old friends and meet new ones at the global convention.

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