“Clients Do Not Come First. Employees Come First.”

AAccording to legendary entrepreneur and billionaire Richard Branson, “Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.”That pretty much sums up the secret of motivated employees in successful organizations, especially in quick service restaurants.

It makes sense too – the people directly responsible for the satisfaction and happiness of a restaurant’s customers are the employees. If your restaurant’s staff is happy and motivated, you can bet your customers will be happy too.

No matter the size and kind of restaurant, from McDonald’s to Chipotle, brands are pushing for employee engagement. From celebrating “Employee of the Month” to other employee recognition systems, the most successful quick service restaurants do whatever they can to reward their employees. They realize just how important it is to engage employees and its ultimate and great impact on their bottom lines.

Appreciation And Encouragement Is The Secret Sauce

Not matter what your chef’s secret sauce is, the secret ingredients for your motivated QSR workforce are appreciation and encouragement. Thesetwo are the core of all employee engagement programs especially at quick service restaurants.

Appreciation goes a long way in creating a productive employee.Granted, some people will not respond to any kind of positive engagement. Those are a very small number. But for the most part you will find, like all successful restaurant owners and franchisees, that a solid employee engagement system will bring the best out of your staff.

Workpulsebrings You The Ideal Employee Engagement System

Within its range of apps for quick service restaurants, Workpulse has the WOW app for employee engagement and recognition. The WOW app drives employee engagement at your QSR, helps you align your staff to your restaurant’s culture and makes it easy to recognize and reward your employees.

A few of its features include:

  • WOW dashboard. Appreciate employees and let everyone see it. It works wonders.
  • Add new posts. Send personalized messages to keep employees motivated.
  • Rewards. Encourage employees with attractive rewards.
  • Give a WOW. The app lets you bestow a high honor, called a “WOW” to especially deserving employees.
  • Reward details. Entice employees by showing them all possible rewards available.


Remember, Its Not Just About The Waiting Staff, But The Chef And His/Her Team

Whether using the WOW app or just thinking about employee engagement and motivation in general, keep your entire restaurant in the loop. Some restaurants might overlook the importance of motivating your kitchen staff because they don’t have a direct interaction with the customers.

Others might overlook the importance of waiting staff thinking that they only need to focus on the food quality and the people who prepare it.Both are important. Engaging both your front and back-end staff is crucial. It’s not a question of “which one?”. It’s like two wings of a plane – both are needed for the aircraft to fly.

Workpulse’s WOW app makes employee engagement a very simple matter. The power to build your restaurant culture and bring the best out of your employees is literally put at your fingertips.