Franchisee Arun Mandi began his career as a crew member in 1989 and became an owner in 2010. In between, he achieved a Master’s in Computer Engineering and an MBA. So, it’s no surprise that when Arun struggled to find the perfect app for his restaurants in New Jersey, he decided to create his own!

“I was looking for visibility into operations performance in real time in order to to act on issues right away and to track everything in one place, while having access to history to compare and make improvements,” said Arun. “One thing every employee in the restaurant has is a smartphone, so I knew I could easily leverage that communications tool.”

So, Arun developed Workpulse, a suite of six applications to improve QSR operations and guest satisfaction. The apps include Workpulse GiSMo, which helps to resolve guest complaints on the spot, Workpulse Wow for employee recognition and rewards and Workpulse Book, which puts the manager’s logbook in the cloud for instant access.

Fellow Franchisee Michael Batista uses these three apps for his network in Central Connecticut. He shares that Workpulse Wow is his favorite of the bunch, and it’s creating a buzz among his crew members and managers.

“Workpulse WOW provides a message board on which our employees and managers can communicate and add photos, and managers can award employees points for outstanding performances,” said Michael. “Crew members can then redeem points for rewards, which are posted right on the app.”

The newest addition to Workpulse is the People app, a Human Resources tool that supports performance reviews, development plans and team management, and also provides HR forms and templates.

“Coming from the Franchisee mindset, we’ve worked to create apps to address the areas that matter most to Dunkin’ Donuts owners,” said Arun. “My hope is that Franchisees will take a step to try to leverage apps on smartphones and tablets in their restaurants because it can have a great impact on business.”

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