The Typical Guest Satisfaction Management Process

When a restaurant’s customer is unhappy with the service, how is the situation managed? The guest tells a waiter what the problem is. The waiter tries to solve the problem, asking the manager for help is necessary.

A lot of talking happens, which may or may not result in an acceptable solution.If restaurant personnel are part of the problem, the owner may not be told what the real issue was. The unhappy guests may be handed a complaint form.

The Problem With This Process

The problemwith this process is that there’s a great distance between the guests and the personmost affected by the complaints – the restaurant’s owner (or the person running the place).

Remember, unhappy guests are the primary concern of restaurant owners, not the waiting staff. Many times, the waiting staff may be the part of the problem.Sure, waiters would love to have happy guests. But ultimately it’s the restaurant owner/franchisee who pays the ultimate price for upsetting a guest.

When a guest experiences a problem, what does he/she want? The most important thing they want is to believe the restaurant will do its best to solve the problem. That their complaint won’t be brushed off.

Whether it is long wait times, poor service, bad tasting food or a rude employee, things that make your guests unhappy must be clearly and swiftly communicated to the person in charge so it can be resolved quickly.

How Workpulse Solves This Problem

Workpulse has an app for that! The WorkpulseGiSMoapp provides a simple and effective solution to resolving guest complaints. The easy-to-use app quite literally puts the power to make guests happy in a restaurant owner’s hands. Even if you own and/or manage multiple restaurants, this app makes guest satisfaction management a breeze.

Here are a few amazing things the app does:

  • It puts all your complaints in one place
  • It lets you assign appropriate personnel to manage different complaints
  • It shows you the status of every complaint
  • It creates a report to show things like average resolution time

Many restaurant owners don’t even know about the complaints made by unhappy guests. They’re often unawareof a problem until it becomes too big, and already caused a lot of harm to the restaurant’s image.

WorkpulseGiSModoesn’t let that happen. It lets QSR organizations, franchisees and restaurant owners get to the issue within minutes. And of course, makes it very easy to resolve the issue.

Protect Your Restaurant’s Image

Words travel fast. Negative words travel fastest. Restaurant owners simply can’t risk creating disgruntled customers who will probably share their “horror stories” of bad restaurant service.

Successful restaurant owners realize that mistakes and certain inefficiencies are unavoidable.And that the best they can do is create a system where guest complaints are swiftly resolved. Sometimes, guests will like a restaurant even more when they see how their problem was taken care of.

The smart thing to do is investing in a strong system and process.Instead of just counting on the good intentions and capability of your employees to resolve guest issues, take control of effectively handling your guest complaints. Quick service restaurants are a very delicate business. WorkpulseGiSMo makes everyone’s job easier, and almost every guest happy.