In today’s age of modern technology when every other day there is advancement in technology, it is essential for businesses to stay on trend and integrate the latest technology into their systems.

As far as the restaurant industry is concerned, it is quite obvious that the industry is moving towards adapting to the new technology. Nowadays, restaurants have become acquainted to mobile technology by moving away from cash and credit to mobile payments and orders. Howeverquick service restaurant franchisees are still behind in adopting technology for day to day operations. There still exists a number of restaurants which use manager log books to manually record and manage information. In many cases spreadsheets, emails and text messages are also used for different aspects of operations management like customer satisfaction, store audits, and employee recognition. Although, multi-unit restaurants are used to this type of information management, it is generallyinefficient to collect data manually, keep track of things accurately and take actions effectively. This mode of operation generally leads to more management, more labor and eventually more cost. It is a tough job for multi-unit restaurants to monitor all the operations, keep a check on the day to day activities across multiple locations, and not let anything slip through the cracks.

Adapting mobile tools enable people to experience a convenient way of doing business in the restaurant industry. The industry has been transformed by the use of new mobile tools and techniques of payment, ordering, data mining and customer service. Customers feel convenience in getting information about different restaurants on their smart phones, placing orders on their mobile and making payments via mobile payment methods. Moreover, it is feasible for the owners too to store and retrieve customer information on a mobile application that helps to manage the business effectively.

Mobile technology now adds more to optimizing operations and services for quick service restaurants. Workpulse offers a variety of mobile apps which provide convenience to the business as well as to the customers. There are products which include mobile apps and software that will facilitate quick service restaurants in giving the best services to their customers with convenience and excellence. Quick service restaurants are able to do more with less by adapting to new technology which enables them to increase the efficiency and speed of their service.

Customer satisfaction is significantly important for quick service restaurants to increase the number of loyal customers. In order to manage the concerns of customers, Workpulse offers a personal guests satisfaction management app which is known as “WorkpulseGiSMo”. The app lets you get notified, contact guests, track status, and close customer complaints with just a few clicks.

Here are a few amazing things the app does:

The Workpulse Audit app gets your audit complete on time without any physical forms. Workpulse Audit enables you to conduct health and safety audit for the restaurants, generate reports and score your audits.

If you need an “intelligent book” for your business to organize and monitor all the tasks and compliance, Workpulse Book is the right app for you. It is a mobile app which will relieve you from manually recording the tasks, temperatures, and other details of the business. It provides task and compliance tracking, corrective action automation and store-by-store visibility.

The Workpulse Task app facilitates in creating, tracking and managing maintenance tasksacross your organization. It has features like staff task management, push notifications, task tracking, alerting, and task detail communication.

Another interesting app is known as Workpulse Wow which is an employee appreciation app. It provides you the ease of engaging, recognizing and rewarding your employees. It also helps to align work teams with the organization.

You will be able to try out the Workpulse Apps on a free, no-obligation trial for 30 days and check out the effeciencies it brings out to your organization. Visit us at for more details.