More Than Just A Delicious Menu

Restaurant success is so much more than creating a delicious menu. Restaurant business is, after all, a business. As such, there is a lot of documentation and management tasks that need to be taken care of. From manager logs to food safety compliance tasks, quick service restaurants have mountains of paperwork. For owners and franchisees, especially those responsible for multiple outlets, keeping track of all these items often becomes difficult.

The traditional way to handle all such documentations and tasks involves a lot of paperwork. In addition to recording, the sharing and communication of this information is inherently slow and inefficient.

From the management’s point of view, the two elements that damage a restaurant are a cluttered back office and slow communication. How well a manager overcomes these two obstacles will affect the restaurant’s efficiency and profitability.

It is the top priority of any restaurant manager, owner or franchisee to ensure streamlined tasks and compliance tracking, smooth execution of corrective actions and have clear visibility in all the stores in their domain. The Workpulse Book, a cloud based mobile application, empowers the person running a QSR in this regard.

An Intelligent “Book” In The Cloud

Think of the Workpulse Book app as an intelligent “book” in the cloud. It consolidates all your restaurant logs and food safety compliance tasks for easy management. Restaurant managers are busy people. The app is designed to streamline numerous processes and tasks. Speeding up a restaurant manager’s work.

Workpulse Book also has a task & compliance tracking system. It works across multiple outlets and significantly reduces the need for emails and use of spreadsheets. Managers and owners can easily ensure compliance through their mobile devices.

Automation is yet another hallmark of a successful business. Quick service restaurants are no exception. The Workpulse Book app offers a corrective action automation system. It lets the user send action plans directly to the concerned person, removing any delays in communication. These are the seemingly little things that combine to either damage or enhance a restaurant’s performance in a big way.

Workpulse Book’s dashboard delivers a snapshot of the entire restaurant chain under a manager/owner, who can easily drilldown to the outlet level to pinpoint and resolve any issues, address areas of improvement etc. Moreover, reports are available on real-time as well as historic data to provide better insight into the workings and performance of the restaurant(s).

The Workpulse Book is becoming increasingly invaluable for people running QSRs. It’s simply good business, in the restaurant business.