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Our employee recognition app has helped team members earn over 101,000 WOWs.

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How happy and engaged are your employees? 12% of workers say they would quit their job because they don’t feel appreciated. 39% of workers would work harder if they were happy in their current role or place of work. What does this indicate? It’s simple – employees need recognition for their efforts and require engagement for job satisfaction.

Workpulse WOW is a social and rewarding employee recognition app that encourages supervisors and managers to motivate their team members through social recognition and appreciation. We encourage team members to recognize the efforts and achievements of their colleagues, and keep them motivated to perform at their best. Employees earn WOW points for various achievements, and these points can be redeemed for exciting rewards showcased in the app by the business unit.

Using WOW is as easy as using any popular social platform. Interact with others, share comments on their posts, appreciate the achievements of your team members, and create a productive and motivated work environment through recognition.

Build the supportive culture that you want for your organization with Workpulse WOW and improve productivity at your workplace.

Engage, Interact & Reward

WOW is all about providing a great environment to recognize the achievements of team members, allow them to engage in a healthy conversation, and earn rewards for excellent performance and by emulating best practices. Employees can check the rewards provided by the management, and work towards earning the required points for redeeming the rewards.

With Workpulse WOW, you can perform the following activities:

  • Engage with all employees on a single platform
  • Share posts and engage with posts of other users as well
  • Recognizing the achievements of team members and appreciating them
  • Allow points to be redeemed for rewards provided by the business unit
  • Prevent misuse of points distribution by implementing control mechanisms
  • Keep track of employee-wise performance by tracking their WOW journey
  • Award points privately as well as publicly
  • Provide a transparent platform for employees to engage in discussions
  • Adjust the “budget” for point values and subsequent prizes to match any size organization

Workpulse is working on several new features to make WOW a value-added application for any organization that wants to recognize and reward its employees. Download the WOW app, sign up and experience the WOW factor for yourself.

Benefits of WOW

Employee Engagement and Recognition

Keep your employees happy by recognizing their efforts and keeping them engaged in a proactive manner. Appreciation is an easy yet powerful way of motivating team members, especially when it is done in a social manner within the organization.


Advanced Reporting

WOW provides advanced reporting with respect to points awarded, points received, points redeemed, and the overall achievements within the organization for every employee. These reports help the executive / admin to track the budget and spending on employee rewards for optimum results.

Show Your Appreciation

Workpulse WOW allows managers and supervisors to show their appreciation for the efforts of the employees by sharing WOWs which indicate the quality of the work done by the team member and also provides redeemable points.

Motivate Through Rewards

Every good action should be rewarded. Employees can accumulate their WOW points and redeem it for various rewards offered by the organization. This can include a paid leave, a coffee, a dinner, discount coupons, vouchers, etc.

Build A Productive Work Environment

With Workpulse WOW, you can ensure that your employees feel appreciated and get sufficient recognition to keep them motivated. This is absolutely essential for building and maintaining a highly productive environment with high employee retention.

Key Features

Share WOWs Publicly or Privately
Managers and supervisors can share WOWs and appreciation either publicly (displayed on the post wall) or privately (shared only with the relevant person or team in the organization.
Create a Social Environment for Employee Engagement
Workpulse WOW creates a social environment within the enterprise to promote appreciation, peer-to-peer recognition, visibility, and engagement. It helps employees bond better and feel at ease.
View Reward Details and Availability
All team members can view the details of the rewards being offered and their availability. Rewards will be updated over time, so viewing the details allows members to accumulate points accordingly.
Redeem WOW Points for Rewards
WOW points can be redeemed from the app for rewards provided by the organization. These rewards can range from paid leaves and accessories to discount coupons and vouchers.
Engage in Peer-to-Peer Recognition
Workpulse WOW allows team members to comment on the WOWs shared publicly for them. This is a great way for peer to peer recognition which eventually promotes a positive work environment.
Unbiased Awarding of WOW Points
Managers and supervisors are given fixed WOW points to spend on a monthly basis. So they allot these points carefully, thereby preventing biased recognition or appreciation for few team members.

Let The Numbers Speak

Workpulse WOW has been successfully deployed in over 100 locations (QSRs and Restaurant Franchises) and is helping businesses improve their work environment by keeping their employees happy and engaged.

Check out some key statistics for Workpulse WOW.

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WOWs given to employees at our customers’ organizations.

Workpulse WOW Overview

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User Interface

Case Study


Employees that do not know about or understand your company’s true values often feel isolated and unmotivated. Connecting and engaging on a personal level is difficult with large numbers of employees and high percentage of turnover. How do we communicate our principles and expectations to team members at each level, and deliver these messages in a positive way?


With the WOW app from Workpulse, every member of your team feels connected to something bigger. Company values and goals become transparent when individuals and teams are rewarded for hard work, integrity, and accomplishments with valuable WOW points that are redeemed for cool prizes.


Best practices shared and milestones celebrated within the entire organization result in a culture of positive attitudes and desire to exceed expectations. With all of your employees able to encourage and support each other with the WOW app, your organization at every level will see the benefits of increased communication and productivity.


“Having used and loved Book and Audit apps for years, WOW from Workpulse was the biggest surprise for us.” “We had no idea how seamlessly our employees would embrace the WOW app and begin communicating and encouraging each other, store to store, and throughout the whole organization.”

“We got 100% positive feedback from crew and RM’s almost immediately, I wish we had started using the WOW app sooner!”

“For sure the turnover rates are down, but I like the feeling of visiting locations and not feeling, or being treated like, a stranger.” “WOW has reintroduced us to our own employees. I know more names and faces than ever, and I can easily identify my super stars and promotable employees.”

– K. 70+ unit franchisee

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