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What happens when a problem is reported in an organizational facility and the issue is not resolved? When it comes to managing day to day tasks in any organization, the staff usually face challenges while answering the following questions:

  1. What is the task?
  2. What is the deadline for the task?
  3. What is the success parameter for the task completion?
  4. Who is responsible for the task?
  5. Who will perform the task if the primary person responsible for the task is unavailable?
  6. What is the status of the task?

In most cases, there is lack of clarity and communication which makes task management a complex and tedious task. Most importantly, who takes the accountability for the tasks?

Workpulse TASK provides a hassle-free and simplified approach to preventative maintenance by eliminating communication and coordination issues completely. The app allows people to report issues with the facility and equipment in any organization, while ensuring that the task is tracked properly until resolved. The TASK app makes task management and monitoring really simple with a user-friendly interface, highly organized system, accountability, and real time tracking of progress.

With Workpulse TASK, you will never miss another task again, even if it means rescheduling, prioritizing or reassigning the task. If you need a powerful yet simple task management solution for all reported issues, then TASK is the app that you need to improve operational efficiency at your organization.

Task Management

Workpulse TASK allows users to create tasks easily. The tasks (once created) can be taken up by the concerned person or assigned by the supervisor. Our task management software allows certain users to be defined in their own groups so that when a task relevant to their area of expertise is assigned, only members from that particular group will be selected by default. For example, if a task for repairing an electrical circuit is created, then it can be assigned only to a member of the team responsible for electrical repairs while the managers can manage and monitor the entire process.

You can manage tasks better with the TASK app by performing the following:

  • Create a task for resolving any identified issues and add relevant details
  • Provide supporting evidence of the problem by uploading a video or up to 5 images
  • Allow tasks to be picked up or closed by relevant people only
  • Track the status of task competition and ensure it is completed
  • Add notes to provide any additional information or coaching required for the particular task
  • Verification of a completed task by the supervisor

Our task management app ensures accountability and transparency in the preventative maintenance process. Never let any issue remain unresolved by enforcing accountability through the TASK app.

Task Monitoring

The Workpulse TASK dashboard provides an overview of open, in-progress, and closed tasks from across your business location. At a glance you can check:

  • Open Tasks
  • In-Progress Tasks
  • Closed Tasks
  • Average In-Progress Time
  • Average Close Time

The above metrics can give you an idea of the overall efficiency of the team in responding to task requests and the real time status of tasks. These metrics prove to be really useful when monitoring tasks across multiple business locations.

You can perform the following for monitoring the tasks:

  • View details and progress of all tasks
  • Access individual employee completion rates for each task
  • View task insights based on location or title
  • View task completion times and success rates
  • Reassign tasks if left unattended by the assigned person

Irrespective of the type or complexity of the task, Workpulse TASK ensures that no task is missed and due accountability for the assigned tasks is maintained.

Benefits of TASK

Create A New Task Easily

Don’t let any task drop through the cracks and be missed. Stay organized with our comprehensive task creation system. Think it, schedule it, and see it completed. Support task descriptions with an image or video of the requirement.

Monitor in Real Time

Review task summary and completion status in real time. Provide updates to the tasks via notes and assign the task to available team members in the absence of the concerned person. Monitor task management efficiency at your organization from the convenience of a single task management app.

Make Task Management Agile

With Workpulse TASK, you can make task management more agile with better communication, improved coordination and enhanced productivity. Never miss another important task due to improper coordination or incomplete information.

Get Detailed Insight Reports

With TASK’s reporting feature, you can get detailed insights on the tasks created, their resolution, response of people assigned to tasks, and overall efficiency of a location in responding to task requests. Stay informed about the progress of your organization’s tasks with real time notifications.

View Expenses For Tasks

TASK allows admins / executives to get an overview of all task expenses which can be filtered on the basis of each task or each individual. This allows better control on expenses and provides clarity on the expenses made for the resolution of any issue as reported.

Key Features

Simplified Task Creation & Editing
Create a new task for a location, add the task description, upload images / video, set the priority, set the due date, and assign it to the appropriate person. It takes less than a minute to create a task.
Real Time Task Tracking & Monitoring
Take full control of your entire task tracking process. Eliminate the need to use emails, spreadsheets, text messages, and phone to track your tasks. Ensure a task always has an assigned owner.
Upload Images and Videos To The App
TASK allows users to upload videos and images to the task description to provide more clarity on the requirements. Users can upload a single video or 5 images in the provided sections.
Case by Case Progress Visibility
Track the status of each task in real-time. Always know what’s going on. You can get details for each case, and view the overall progress of tasks in a particular location or multiple locations in a region.
Advanced Automated Notifications
Engage the staff on the assigned tasks right away through push notification. Get the right people in your organization engaged and working on their tasks with full insight into the status of each case.
Dedicated Web-Based Admin Panel
Customize the details of the various teams (responsible for different task areas) in the web based admin panel. Default assignments can be done to save time and avoid irrelevant task assignments.

Let The Numbers Speak

Workpulse TASK has been successfully deployed in over 300 locations (QSRs and Restaurant Franchisees) and is helping businesses improve their task management and monitoring.

Check out some key statistics for Workpulse TASK.

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Custom tasks successfully created and completed by our customers

Workpulse TASK Overview

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User Interface

Case Study


Owners of multiple restaurants report a struggle with timely reporting, reacting, and follow up for preventative and routine maintenance. Endless phone messages, lost notes, and buried emails prove futile in a restaurant operator’s attempt to keep equipment maintained and running properly.


Owners and operators that downloaded the TASK app from Workpulse onto their mobile devices can now see immediately when issues are reported, to whom, and how effectively they are handled. “Everyone on our team has the ability to instantly and easily report any issue in our restaurants using the Task app.” “With pictures and video literally showing the exact problem, anyone can save the day by reporting a concern in seconds using Task.” “Whether they have worked for us for 2 days or 3 years, each employee is more valuable than ever, they are in a position to save us real money and time simply by reporting issues in real time using the Task app on their phone.”

– 19-unit franchisee


Restaurant owners using the Task app from Workpulse have become very creative using TASK for everything from failing equipment, unsafe conditions, landscaping, preventative maintenance, and even to schedule filter changes and recurring tasks.

“Workpulse set it up for us so that our TASK app automatically notifies me (franchisee), my District and Store Managers, as well as the person whose job it is to fix our stuff.” “My maintenance guy gets instantly notified with video and pictures when the problem is electric or plumbing.” “When the TASK submitted involves the latte machine, my cappuccino guy gets instantly notified.” “We can finally know the vendors are aware of what’s wrong and they know what tools and parts to bring the first time.”

– QSR franchisee

The Workpulse TASK app is designed to effectively replace the dozens of various reporting methods and confusion that follows the broken workflow used today. One mobile solution like Task is a valuable resource to keep all levels of your organization informed and communicating while a concern is reported and until it is resolved.

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    We have helped businesses transform their operations into highly efficient processes with our innovative mobility solutions.

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