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Workpulse Health Book

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Workpulse Health Book

Workpulse Book is the most trusted and sought after brand compliance, food safety and employee health check app that has successfully replaced physical log books for maintenance and monitoring of data. The solution simplifies the tedious process of managing multiple data across multiple locations. With Book , you will never be unprepared for any surprise inspection.

Book provides powerful features for streamlining the activities, assigning responsibilities, managing multiple compliance tasks with different frequencies, checking and monitoring employee health, managing all the data on cloud, generating custom reports for current as well as historic data, and providing advanced analytics for getting a proper and complete understanding of the compliance of the business unit or location. It offers a single platform for monitoring food safety as well as brand compliance.

For business or franchise owners, Book allows the flexibility to monitor compliance at multiple locations without having to physically visit the business locations. With the availability of Health forms added to your Workpulse Book employee and location wellness can also be reported in real time.

Employee Pre-Shift Health Checks: Readiness

Recording Employee Pre-Shift Health Checks is a crucial piece of the puzzle when staying ahead of the curve becomes a daily task. Workpulse has designed a fast, efficient, pre shift health check to ensure all employees are documented for Readiness the moment they arrive for work.

You can be notified in real time if an employee fails to meet the recommended criteria for healthy workers. Be better prepared and take the actions necessary based on the data you receive, and have all the data in the palm of your hand.

Workplace Safety Checks Compliance

Scheduled cleaning, sanitizing, completing a travel path, check for PPE usage, all documented with who completed the task, what location & when. Employees can document these tasks on almost any mobile device with the Health Book. Above store level is able to see these Health Book tasks and checklists as they are completed in real time, from anywhere, on their mobile device. With the Book App from Workpulse, with the COVID-19 Health Book, you can monitor and manage the compliance level of one or all of your locations from the palm of your hand.

Business Ready Tracking System Assurance

Peace of mind is something we would all pay extra to enjoy, with the Workpulse Book App, its included. Your business is ready, compliant, and you can rest assured that, upon inspection, you are able to produce the documentation to prove it. Imagine using your smart phone to show off Pre-Shift Health Check Reporting, or simply pulling up a sanitizing schedule from any one of your locations in a matter of seconds during a brand audit.

COVID-19 Compliance

Screen, Clean, Document, and Verify

Operators that wish to compete must move swiftly, yet prudently to adapt to the new normal. As brands and governing agencies move to recommend or mandate new standards, the business owner is often left to figure out how to maintain compliance. The Workpulse team discussed these new challenges with its subscribers and developed a solution that can be utilized through the existing Workpulse Book App.

The COVID-19 Health Book Package meets the recommended guidelines for healthy employees and locations, and then exceeds them by adding scheduled verification and documentation of location and employee health.

You will have the peace of mind knowing that you have taken the recommended steps as a responsible business operator and can welcome guests to a clean location with healthy employees. All of this data is yours, and will automatically be stored in the cloud for your review or inspection. When a brand or governing agency requests, you can easily produce the documented verification of your business’s sanitation, the health of your employee’s, and the overall compliance of your organization with your COVID-19 Health Book reports

Key Features

App Access Control for Users
All users can be provided with their own access to just the amount of data or locations that you determine. This ensures that all entries made in the system are tracked and associated with the concerned person. Pre -shift health checks can be performed on existing users or first timers.
Automated Notification of Failed Pre-Shift Health Check
With automated notifications, you can now ensure that any failure of a pre shift health check is announced to the responsible supervisor, securely, and in real time for faster resolution and compliance.
Task and Compliance Tracking
Track all tasks and compliance in real time with the BOOK app and never be unprepared for any surprise inspection. BOOK’s intelligent task tracking offers agile management of all compliance activities including Employee Status & Location Wellness.
Merchandising Tasks Require an Image Upon Submitting
Book requires users to upload an image for merchandising tasks or quality checks where visual evidence is required once, or several times per day/week. The merchandising reporting shows the images in real time and allows for scrolling, enlarging, etc. upon inspection.
Workpulse Book Advanced Features Available to Add
While the Healthy Business Advantage with Book is a great start, Workpulse Book Advanced allows you to track Temperatures, Checklists, Brand Compliance & Calibrations, and so much more. As a Health Book subscriber, you have the ability to add advanced checklists, merchandising tasks, custom questions to your existing Book app.
Dedicated Support Team
While advanced subscribers can conveniently access the back-end of all Workpulse Apps in a single dashboard, Health Book users have a support team ready to assist during business hours.

Workpulse Health Book Overview

Workpulse Health Book User Interface

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We have helped businesses transform their operations into highly efficient processes with our innovative mobility solutions.

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