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With Health Book, health screenings can be completed in just 2 minutes per person

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Although not mandated by all governments, pre-shift employee health screening has become the number one priority for all businesses today. Ensuring the safety of the employees and providing a healthy work environment is crucial for business success, especially in light of the rising number of cases of Covid-19 globally.

The Health Book, built on the powerful Workpulse Book platform, is focused on helping employers keep their workers and workplace safe during as well as after the pandemic. Even without the effect of Covid-19, there are several commonly transmissible diseases that can be kept out from the workplace by simply recording and monitoring the health of employees and visitors to the facility.

With just 9 essential questions and temperature recording, you can get the required screening information for employees. All of this takes just 2 minutes per person to complete. In fact, setting up the app requires less than 15 minutes and it is as easy as signing up, downloading the app, and adding the employees. Health Book helps businesses be prepared for all health compliance checks and provides in-depth analytics for their employees and business locations.

Employee Pre-Shift Health Checks

Don’t let pre-shift health checks become a time-consuming task. Health Book provides a fast, easy, and completely digital solution for recording information for the health checks, including the temperature readings, and presents it in an easy-to-understand report.

The health check features include:

  • Fast, efficient, and hassle-free health check comprising 9 standard questions
  • Temperature recording via the Bluetooth thermometer or manual entry of readings
  • Adding employees using a simple form
  • Tracking health compliance for each location
  • View daily summary for all health checks
  • Get recommended actions for all non-compliant cases
  • Ensure security of data by allowing it to be accessed only by executive level employees

With the Health Book app, you can ensure compliance with all recommended and mandatory health regulations for the workplace.

COVID-19 Compliance

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic and the recently identified new strain (officially named VUI-202012/01), it has become even more crucial for businesses to ensure compliance with health guidelines. While most states have recommended a pre-shift health check, with very few states making it mandatory, it is the social responsibility of every business owner to ensure a safe working environment for employees and guests.

Workpulse took an initiative to develop the Health Book which is based on the powerful Book platform. With Health Book, you can ensure health compliance across all business locations at all times. The powerful analytics dashboard provides detailed reports for each location and user with respect to the health checks. You can check the daily summary as well as time-wise summaries.

We also ensure the security of the data by backing it up on the cloud. Data is synced in real time and you can always retrieve information as per requirement at the click of a button. Get the Health Book app to keep your employees safe, your workplace compliant, and always ready for inspection.

Benefits of Health Book

Fast Health Check Process

Health Book allows health checks to be completed in just 2 minutes per person. The entire system can be set up in 15 minutes after signing up for the app. We have kept the process effortless to make it easy to implement in any organization.

Make Data Accessible Only to Executives

Health Book is designed to give valuable insights and information to the key decision makers in an organization with respect to the health compliance. The app provides access to insights and summaries only to the executives (by default). The role-based access can be modified as per the requirement of the management. Employee, visitor, or even vendor health compliance data is documented and stored securely in the cloud giving ownership real peace of mind.

Get Advanced Analytics

Health Book allows organizations to monitor the health of their employees and take the necessary steps to ensure health compliance. We provide detailed location-wise, employee-wise, and time-wise summaries.

Key Features

App Access Control for Users
All users can be provided with their own access to just the amount of data or locations that you determine. This ensures that all entries in the system are tracked & associated with the concerned person.
Automated Notification of Failed Health Check
With automated notifications, you can now ensure that any failure of a pre shift health check is announced to the responsible supervisor, securely, and in real time for faster resolution and compliance.
Record Temperature Accurately
You can use the ThermoWorks Wand Blue Bluetooth thermometer to record temperatures accurately to the app. This takes away any possibility of manual error and makes the process really fast.
View & Analyze Daily Summary Reports
View the daily summary of health checks for your location and track all cases for compliance. You can also view each answer for the health check for a particular employee to know exactly what needs to be addressed.
Upgrade to Workpulse BOOK & Unlock Features
Workpulse Book Advanced allows you to track Temperatures, Checklists, Brand Compliance & Calibrations, and so much more. Subscribe to Workpulse BOOK to get new features like adding advanced checklists, merchandising tasks, custom questions in the same app.
Dedicated Support Team For Assistance
While advanced subscribers can conveniently access the back-end of all Workpulse Apps in a single dashboard, Health Book users have a support team ready to assist during business hours.

Workpulse Health Book Overview

Workpulse Health Book User Interface

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