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Our customer feedback app has helped resolve over 66,000 complaints for our clients.

Workpulse GiSMo

Despite your best efforts, there’s no way to please everyone — and that leads to the occasional customer complaint. Managing these complaints can be a hassle, especially if they are not resolved on time. Every unresolved complaint or a delayed response can result in the loss of a customer and no business will ever want that.

GiSMo provides an easy to use customer feedback management solution for managing guest feedback and complaint resolution for complete customer satisfaction and retention. Say goodbye to the clutter of keeping up with manual entries and physical copies of feedback and complaints. With GiSMo, you can manage all feedback in a single app and track their status.

Our customer feedback app has been highly appreciated by our clients and once they try GiSMo, they never go back to the traditional way of managing feedback. Moreover, the GiSMo app has helped several businesses retain their customers successfully through faster and more efficient feedback management.

You can now manage guest feedback in real time and customize your reputation management processes for faster response and superior tracking. With the detailed reports and automatically populated data, your customer’s information is just a click away.

Benefits of GiSMo

Avoid Miscommunications

Whether you manage a single business location or multiple locations, you can avoid miscommunications by using GiSMo. You can assign each case to the responsible person and keep track of the status in a robust digital environment.

Manage Feedback in Real Time

GiSMo allows feedback to be managed in real time, thereby leading to faster resolution of complaints and low response time. For business owners, this feature is really useful for tracking feedback and complaints across multiple locations.

Make Reputation Management Agile

Businesses do not have any control over the reviews shared by the customers. But they can respond to the feedback and ensure proper reputation management for preserving the brand’s goodwill. GiSMO is a powerful tool for making reputation management agile.

Get Detailed Insight Reports

With GiSMo’s advanced reporting feature (average resolution times, locations, and number of cases), you can make informed data driven decisions to improve your customer feedback management process and ensure customer satisfaction.

Key Features

Guest Satisfaction Management (GSM) System
Your guest complaints are quickly processed and organized, giving you and your team end-to-end and full visibility into the status of each case. One place to view, assign, track, and resolve all of your cases.
Advanced Guest Complaint Tracking
Eliminate the need to use emails, spreadsheets, text messages, and phone to track guest complaints. Ensure a complaint always has an assigned owner with guaranteed resolution.
Seamless Communication & Feedback
Assign cases to the appropriate manager, add notes, track initial and final resolution, and provide timely feedback. You’ll never waste time again wondering who’s responding to which case.
Case by Case Progress Visibility
Track the status of each guest complaint in real-time. Always know what’s going on. Track guest complaints and resolution to help you and your team maintain or improve your guest satisfaction service.
Advanced Automated Notifications
Engage owners of complaint cases right away through push notification. Get the responsible parties in your organization engaged and working on their complaints with full insight into the status of each case.
Advanced Analytics & Reporting
Access analytics to get valuable data and insights about your customer feedback management initiatives. With a powerful reporting feature, you can make informed decisions to keep customers happy.

Let The Numbers Speak

Workpulse GiSMo has been successfully deployed in over 800 locations (QSRs and Restaurant Franchises) and is helping businesses improve their guest feedback management processes.

Check out some key statistics for Workpulse GiSMo.

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Complaints received and handled by our customers
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Guest feedback received by our customers

Workpulse GiSMo Overview

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User Interface

Case Study


Our “best” restaurant has the highest turnover rate of our organization. Everything looks right, but sales remain the same through 4 quarters. Seems well staffed all the time, but complaints are growing faster than guest count.


With the GiSMo app from Workpulse, your organization’s responsible parties are ALL automatically notified when a guest complaint is submitted. With a safety net that includes franchisees, directors, and location managers, direct guest feedback about store issues will never slip through the cracks. With the ability to see and hear the guests own words in real time, allows responsible parties to take immediate action. The GiSMo app from Workpulse gives you the power to instantly contact and communicate with the concerned guest, and the location manager, where the issue was raised. Having the ability to address guest concerns within minutes of receiving a complaint from the GiSMo app, on any device, from any location, puts you back in charge of your guest’s experience.

“We were constantly digging for old complaints, and chasing emails for as long as I can remember. By the time we reached out to a concerned guest, they had already moved on to a competitor’s restaurant. Since we downloaded the Gismo app on our mobile phones, we haven’t missed a complaint, or any feedback at all from our customers. Using Gismo has given us a direct connection to our most valuable asset, our guests.” 

– Franchise Partner 36 PC’s


In any business, demand drives supply. When thousands of brand operators struggled with the process of receiving, reacting, and responding to guest complaints promptly, the creators of the Workpulse solution took notice. The GiSMo app was created by a franchisee for other franchisees to have a better way to manage guest feedback and retain the customers they worked so hard to attract. With GiSMo from Workpulse, your team now has 100% visibility into the true guest experience at each of your locations. With GiSMo smart reporting, you will see trends develop, and be able to pinpoint areas that need your attention, well before an issue can become escalated.

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We have helped businesses transform their operations into highly efficient processes with our innovative mobility solutions.

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