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Our brand compliance and food safety app has generated 543,000+ automated corrective actions for our clients.

Workpulse Book

Workpulse BOOK is the most trusted and sought after brand compliance and food safety app that has successfully replaced physical log books for maintenance and monitoring of data. The solution simplifies the tedious process of managing multiple data across multiple locations. With BOOK, you will never be unprepared for any surprise inspection.

BOOK provides powerful features for streamlining the activities, assigning responsibilities, managing multiple compliance tasks with different frequencies, managing all the data on cloud, generating custom reports for current as well as historic data, and providing advanced analytics for getting a proper and complete understanding of the compliance of the business unit or location. It offers a single platform for monitoring food safety as well as brand compliance.

BOOK also works in offline mode where all data entered in the app in the absence of internet connectivity, is synced to the cloud as soon as connectivity is restored. This ensures continuity of scheduled tasks even if the system is offline. All data exchange is done in a secure environment to for protecting the information during syncing.

For business or franchise owners, BOOK allows the flexibility to monitor compliance at multiple locations without having to physically visit the business locations. All of our clients have shared that BOOK has helped them remain compliant and has significantly improved operational efficiency.

COVID-19 Compliance

Screen, Clean, Document, and Verify

The landscape of today’s business is changing fast. Operators that wish to compete must move swiftly, yet prudently to adapt to the new normal. As brands and governing agencies move to recommend or mandate new standards, the business owner is often left to figure out how to maintain compliance. The Workpulse team discussed these new challenges with its subscribers and developed a solution that can be utilized through the existing Workpulse Book App.

The COVID-19 Healthy Business Compliance & Assurance Package meets the recommended guidelines for healthy employees and locations, and then exceeds them by adding scheduled verification and documentation of location and employee health.

You will have the peace of mind knowing that you have taken the recommended steps as a responsible business operator and can welcome guests to a clean location with healthy employees. All of this data is yours, and will automatically be stored in the cloud for your review or inspection. When a brand or governing agency requests, you can easily produce the documented verification of your business’s sanitation, the health of your employee’s, and the overall compliance of your organization with your COVID-19 Healthy Business Compliance & Assurance reports.

Food Safety

According to market reports, more than 100,000 people get food poisoning every day. With almost 60% of the population eating at a restaurant at least once a week, the importance of food safety cannot be ignored. Not only does this pose a serious problem to the customers, but also affects the brand negatively.

Every organization and every person involved with the food chain from farm and sea to table shares responsibility for the safety of food. Workpulse BOOK provides a robust and intelligent system for planning, scheduling, and monitoring food safety activities. With Book, you no longer have to maintain physical log books with multiple manual entries. We have streamlined and simplified the process by allowing you to manage multiple data easily with secure cloud backup. The data retrieval process is as simple as clicking a button. You don’t have to go through huge piles of physical books to find the information you need.

BOOK allows users to keep all of temperature logs and other records in one comprehensive portal. Whether you wish to monitor the food safety for your own business or brand, or wish to comply with the stringent food safety requirements of the brand that has given you a franchise, BOOK is the food safety app that you need to ensure complete compliance.

Brand Compliance

Are you prepared for the surprise inspection at your business location? If you have a franchisee, then you must be familiar with the regular inspections at not so regular times. In such cases, preparation for brand compliance becomes vital for keeping the business and the brand successful. However, manual monitoring and lack of communication can cause major obstacles in ensuring compliance at all times.

Workpulse BOOK allows all quality checks and related activities to be planned, scheduled, and executed in a properly organized manner with a robust compliance management solution. We have streamlined the process by segmenting tasks based on their type and frequency. Now you can directly view and execute shift tasks, management tasks, and general tasks. Our app not only notifies you for upcoming or pending tasks, but also allows corrective action to be initiated for non-compliant cases. Reports can be generated for different time periods and multiple locations for comparative analysis.

Images and video can also be uploaded for required cases (like merchandising, providing visual evidence for compliance, etc.)  for enhanced transparency in evaluation. By eliminating the need for physical log books to be maintained, BOOK ensures simplicity and efficiency in managing all compliance activities. Once you have used BOOK, you will never want to use the physical log book ever again.

Advanced Analytics

Workpulse BOOK provides powerful analytics and reporting features with an intuitive and user-friendly interface. We have provided detailed analytics to measure each information and check their status for more clarity and better monitoring of all compliance activities.

On  a task level, you can view the state of completion of each task, the number of pending tasks, and the details of corrective actions (current open cases, and resolved cases). This can be done on a daily basis as well. However, by applying the required filters, it is possible to check the details across a specific duration. This data can also be viewed for all locations collectively and for each individual location.

Similarly, it is possible to check historical data for any associated location and get an understanding of the compliance metrics. If there are high cases of corrective actions requested, then it indicates a high risk of non-compliance. By performing a comparative analysis, a business owner can evaluate the trend of compliance and take necessary actions to rectify the situation.

ThermoWorks Thermapen Blue

We have integrated ThermoWorks Thermapen Blue which is an advanced Bluetooth enabled temperature probe  that performs line checks faster and more accurately with readings saved directly to the device. It offers high convenience and makes it easier for the staff to record temperatures frequently and manage the information in the app.

Thermapen offers one of the highest accuracy in its class (up to ±0.7°F) and takes readings in under 3 seconds. This is a truly digital shift in terms of managing temperature recordings for a long list of items that need to be checked frequently (as per the decided schedule). Gone are the days when manual readings were required and keeping track of all the data was a massively tedious and daunting job.

The combination of Thermapen and BOOK allows business owners to keep track of the periodic checks and activities required for food safety and brand compliance in one location or across multiple locations. With the readings being stored on the device automatically, the process becomes automated, faster, more accurate, and more reliable.

Benefits of BOOK

Automate Corrective Action

Following a long  chain of communication is the number one reason for delays in fixing problems. With BOOK, you can now automate corrective action by delivering urgent information directly to the right person at the right time.

Predict Problems With Trend Analysis

BOOK provides powerful intuitive trend analysis to identify issues before they become major problems. This will help you to reduce waste, create an agile response process for food safety issues, and ensure brand compliance at all times.

Use Smart Temperature Monitoring For Food

With the integration of technology in ensuring food safety and brand compliance, using traditional temperature measurement techniques would be ineffective. Hence, we integrated the ThermoWorks Thermapen Blue with BOOK to automate food temperature recording.

Get Detailed Insight Reports

With BOOK’s advanced reporting feature, you can monitor food safety and brand compliance for an individual location or the entire enterprise (comprising multiple locations) from the convenience of a single application. You can also track the associated tasks with high accuracy.

Key Features

Automated Corrective Actions
With customizable corrective action plans, you can now ensure that every information (based on their urgency) is delivered to the right person at the right time for faster resolution and compliance.
Automated Temperature Recording
Eliminate the need to manually feed data for temperature recording by using a bluetooth enabled temperature recording probe that syncs data directly with the application with high accuracy.
Task and Compliance Tracking
Track all tasks and compliance in real time with the BOOK app and never be unprepared for any surprise inspection. BOOK’s intelligent task tracking offers agile management of all compliance activities.
App Access Control for Users
All users are provided with their own access pins which needs to be entered for accessing the app. This ensures that all entries made in the system are tracked and associated with the concerned person.
Dedicated Web Based Admin Panel
Customize the details of the activities and compliance parameters from the dedicated web based Admin panel. You can conveniently access the back-end of all Workpulse Apps in a single dashboard.
Upload Images and Videos To The App
Book allows users to upload videos and images for cases like merchandising or quality check where visual evidence is required. Users can upload a single video or 5 images in the provided sections.
Custom Visibility of Target Locations
Whether you have a single location or multiple locations, BOOK allows you to monitor food safety and brand compliance in every location with high precision and agile response for improved visibility.
Advanced Automated Notifications
Never miss another scheduled task or quality check with advanced notifications that ensure that the task is carried out on time. Notifications also help in tracking all activities in real time.
Advanced Analytics & Reporting
BOOKS offers intuitive trend analysis which is really useful for predicting issues which could become a potentially large problem. With such powerful analytics, you will never be unprepared again.

Let The Numbers Speak

Workpulse BOOK has been successfully deployed in over 300 locations (QSRs and Restaurant Franchises) and is helping businesses improve their food safety and brand compliance.

Check out some key statistics for Workpulse BOOK.

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Book tasks completed successfully by our customers.
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Automated corrective actions generated by the BOOK app.

Workpulse BOOK Overview

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Workpulse BOOK User Interface

Case Study


Pencil whipped entries in out of date paper log books. Mostly illegible submissions in these books that lead to deficiencies in accountability. Ignored or completely missed tasks, checklists, and temperatures.


With the Book App from Workpulse, employees are notified, in the moment, to complete Shift Tasks, including crucial Food Safety responsibilities on time. If a temp is out of range, or there is any indication that compliance is not met, a Corrective Action is automatically created and the responsible parties are notified, in real time.

The Book App from Workpulse helps the crew to remember each Task, and the Bluetooth Thermometer lets me know our Food Safety data is accurate. This allows me to prioritize my guests, manage my crew with effectiveness, and focus on growing the business.

Location manager


Daily operations now have a streamlined, more efficient workflow. The Bluetooth Thermometers have all but eliminated any question of pencil whipping from our restaurants. The percentage of completed food safety and compliance tasks has increased each of the first four months since we started using the Book App. We will have our entire organization at 100% compliance using the Workpulse solution.

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