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Our audit management system has helped our clients create 15,000+ custom action plans.

Workpulse AUDIT

Are you genuinely prepared for random or scheduled audits? What is your preparedness to remain compliant with all guidelines? When it comes to audits, business owners often have to cope with the uncertainty of the feedback due to the lack of assurance of compliance. In such cases, it can be quite nerve-wracking to watch the auditor go through the checklist and evaluate your business.

Workpulse AUDIT assures complete peace of mind by giving business owners the power to conduct internal audits with customized forms and scheduled audits for ensuring compliance at all times. Our app is designed keeping in mind the diverse requirements from any audit and the need to introduce corrective actions as per the audit report.

AUDIT allows you to perform the following:

  • Create checklists and forms for the required audit
  • Control mandatory responses by selecting the answer type and media attachments
  • Provide image-based evidence of audit questions (as required)
  • Schedule audits as per plan and assign auditor to each audit
  • Get each audit validated by an authorized person
  • Track all changes and answers to the audit checklist
  • Assign Action Plans and accountability to concerned person(s)
  • Manage audits across multiple business locations for any type of business
  • Maintain organizational hierarchy with role-based access
  • View detailed reports for in-depth analytics and insights

For business owners having multiple business units or locations, our audit management software is really useful in monitoring compliance at all locations and comparing the results with previous data for analyzing trends and identifying potential risks. With Workpulse AUDIT, you will always exceed brand expectations.

Audit Planning

Workpulse AUDIT gives business owners the freedom and flexibility to plan their audits as per requirement. Custom forms can be created in advance in accordance with the actual audit checklist that auditors use when conducting such procedures. AUDIT allows the forms to be used on an ad-hoc basis or they can be scheduled for a certain date.

AUDIT allows you to perform the following while planning:

  • Create and schedule audits that can be started anytime but once started, they have to be completed within a designated number of hours or days
  • Create and schedule audits for location(s) or specific user(s)
  • Expired audits will no longer be accessible post expiry, so notifications will be sent for any pending or expiring audits
  • Action plans can be created and assigned to specific questions as a remedial measure
  • Validation requests can be added to each audit wherever applicable for ASL to be required to validate the submitted audit
  • Audits can be pre-assigned, re-assigned, or left unassigned (allowing auditors to pick it up as per availability)

AUDIT allows business owners to be fully prepared for planned inspections as well as ad-hoc audits and ensure proper compliance with the guidelines.

Advanced Reporting

Workpulse AUDIT provides powerful yet easy-to-use reporting features where the user can check the audit history and perform a comparative evaluation of the historical data. All reports are provided with adequate details presented in a document format. The answers to the questions (in the form) are mentioned in an organized manner for convenient viewing, sharing and exporting.

The reporting feature in AUDIT provides the following:

  • Detailed analysis and completion status of each audit
  • Comparative analysis of audits within a location as well as between multiple locations
  • Details of validation compared with the initial audit in addition to the revision history
  • Status of Action Plans initiated for non-compliant cases
  • Action steps to close Action Plans
  • Overall compliance status across all locations for a business

The high visibility in the app allows detailed reports to be viewed for a single location or multiple locations. Not only does this provide an overall comparative evaluation of the audit results, but also offers an understanding of the compliance across the enterprise (considering the results for the respective locations).

Benefits of AUDIT

Customize and Plan Audits

With Workpulse AUDIT, you can customize audit questions, and plan them as per the requirements of the specific business location, state, or region. Our audit management software offers easy to use ad-hoc and scheduled audit plans. All audit forms can be edited, customized and managed from the web-based admin panel.

Automate Action Plans

AUDIT allows action plans to be automated. If the audit questions are answered incorrectly or a negative answer is identified, then action plans can be initiated to resolve the issue before it becomes a significant risk. Action plans can be assigned to concerned persons and monitored to ensure resolution.

Monitor Compliance Across Multiple Business Locations

Does your business operate in multiple locations? AUDIT allows compliance to be monitored across multiple locations from the convenience of a single app. Avoid travel and get audit reports or track the status of the audit process instantly on your mobile device.

Get Detailed Insight Reports

With AUDIT’s advanced reporting feature, you can view, download and share audit reports in PDF format. Our Audit report is crucial when analyzing trends and preventing issues from becoming major risks.

Key Features

Intelligent Audits in the Cloud
Get pre-built audit forms that helps you cut the audit times in half while ensuring you meet or exceed your compliance metrics. No more physical forms, no more pencil whipping; just hassle-free auditing.
Smart Notifications For Compliance Alert
Get automatic notifications when you fall below the compliance thresholds. This feature allows you to take swift action and respond to non-compliance at one or more locations in a timely manner.
Advanced Automation for Action Plans
Create and assign action plans to resolve problems on the fly. Minimize email, phone, text messages and spreadsheet communication by quickly assigning the action plan to the right person.
Global Visibility With Unbiased Data
No longer do you have to rely on someone in your business location to provide you updates. Gain access to audit and compliance data anywhere and anytime globally with assured data accuracy.
Advanced Automated Notifications
Never miss another scheduled audit or non-compliance alert with smart push notifications. Get timely alerts and reminders to keep you informed about the audit schedule and status updates.
Advanced Analytics & Reporting
Gain access to real-time and historical audit reports. Identity and minimize or eliminate any systemic issues within your organization. Manage and share reports directly from the app.
Dedicated Web-Based Admin Panel
Customize the details of the audit form and compliance parameters from the dedicated web based Admin panel. You can also define the parameters for action plan automation based on audit results.
Communication & Feedback Channel
Add notes and provide feedback for the Audits and communicate effectively with your team members. All notes can also be flagged as per their priority and case details can be updated.
Offline Mode With Quick Data Sync
Don’t have internet connectivity? AUDIT works in offline mode as well and stores all inputs and data in the device. As soon as connectivity is restored, the data is backed up securely to the cloud.

Let The Numbers Speak

Workpulse AUDIT has been successfully deployed in over 300 locations (QSRs and Restaurant Franchises) and is helping businesses improve their brand compliance and food safety through smart audit planning and management.

Check out some key statistics for Workpulse AUDIT.

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Audits successfully conducted by our customers
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Custom action plans created by our customers

Workpulse AUDIT Overview

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User Interface

Case Study


Decrease or eliminate the possibility of overlooking a serious issue or receiving a poor food safety rating. Ensure vigilant audit processes becomes a way of life in your organization, not just on inspection day. With scheduled, random, and smart audits, know the strengths and weaknesses in your restaurants before they cost you time, money, and reputation.


The AUDIT app from Workpulse will automatically assign and remind your location and district managers about the weekly, monthly, quarterly, and random Smart Audits assigned for them to complete. Owners and franchisees can easily monitor and manage theses audits with full visibility from start to finish on any mobile device. With AUDIT, smart reporting, this data is filtered making it easy to cross reference with the daily data collected instore with the Book app.


Listen to the CEO of a 50 plus QSR group. “We are using the Audit app in every one of our regions, which covers 3 states. I was just showing off to some colleagues at lunch, passing my smartphone around the table, so they could see that I truly was able to monitor my restaurant’s food safety status.”

– George P.

The AUDIT app from Workpulse empowers franchisees to have full visibility into the level of preparedness for each of their organization’s restaurants anytime, from ant device.

“Our teams are no longer ineffective and afraid when a food safety inspector or brand representative surprises us with an unannounced visit.” “The increase in confidence and productivity since we started using the AUDIT app is noticeable from the moment we open in the morning.” “At each level, we are prepared, fully informed, and communicating more than ever with the use of the AUDIT app.”

This particular group now utilizes the Workpulse AUDIT app in all 4 of their other QSR concepts.

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