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October 22, 20170

Why Our Restaurant Management Software Works- GiSMo

Customers are the fuel of your franchise and it can be truly stressful when customer satisfaction starts dropping on the charts. So how do you field customer complaints and address them for every portion of your branch? As a franchise manager or owner, it’s easy to get overwhelmed as your franchise is serving hundreds of people daily and drawing conclusions about each and every customer complaint is daunting and just another thing to add to your ever-expanding list of things to do. No matter how well your branches function, there will be complaints that arise on a regular basis and understanding how to handle them as they come, draw conclusions from each complaint, and use the critique to make your business function better than it used to is all apart of the joy of running your fast-paced franchise.

Introducing GiSMo

GiSMo is Workpulse’s customer satisfaction management software that will simplify fielding and managing customer complaints for every franchise manager or owner. With GiSMo, you can view customer complaints like data on a graph and manage each case individually as well as on a broad scale. The app was designed to streamline the customer complaint submission and review system from within your organization. With fewer emails to sift through, your time will be freed up to actually handle matters, rather than merely read about them. Limit your customer complaints to one well-organized spreadsheet and eliminate the steady stream of panicked and sorrowful text messages and emails detailing the long list of customer complaints that come in every day at each and every one of your branches. The platform is designed to allow you to organize your complaints about every branch on one portal that will allow you to avoid miscommunications and handle guest and employee mediation with finesse. You’ll be able to delegate customer complaints to specific managers for each location with detailed notes and then track the manager’s conflict resolution and the time they are able to draw the complaint case to a close within.

Isolate the Issues

Whether it’s a specific branch, a specific manager or specific employee. You’ll be able to see every complaint and attribute each problem to the person it stemmed from. With this coordinated system, you’ll be able to collect data and assess how to move forward with a strategic plan rather than reacting off of guesswork. With the GiSMo app, you’ll be able to address each issue on an individual level by addressing each guest’s issue in real time through advanced delegation management. With ease, you’ll be able to inform the guest based off of company policy and advise each employee how to manage complaints of this nature in the future so that the organization can run consistently without having to be micromanaged by the franchise manager or owner at all times. You’ll be able to view guest happiness metrics and analyze the fluctuation based off of each branch and manager in real time so you can ensure the issue is solved and observe how it’s handled in the future in the palm of your hand.

Create Your Own Process

The GiSMo app comes equipped with several ways to customize and alter the structure of the data and branches to keep the information organized in a way that you can manage and appreciate. There’s no one-size-fits-all for the intricacies regarding running a franchise successfully, so being able to adjust metrics, assign branches differently and schedule your reputation management out in a comprehensive fashion is key. The customization aspect goes all the way down to how you conduct your case studies that will guide you in making decisions about promotions, demotions and the managing of each branch as an individual business as well as part of the whole of your franchise. With case studies that are altered to fit your needs and record and collect data based off of your guidelines, you’ll be able to make decisions based off of well-rounded data that counts. You’ll be able to track the average resolution time for each branch and each manager based on case numbers. You’ll be able to pinpoint culture issues, employee problems, and control inter-franchise quarrels quickly with a cohesive plan.

Tying GiSMo In With the Workpulse Franchise Management Software Suite

Use GiSMo to gather data and make determinations then take action through the Workpulse suite of software to solve the problem immediately. Use Quiz to re-assign company standards training to employees with consistent customer complaints registered against them. Use WOW to give kudos to the employees and managers that rise above the general expectations to find a resolution that guarantees a repeat customer. You can even utilize the Taskapp to assign practice with conflict resolution and organize the other daily tasks around their customer complaint training. Using the full suite of the Workpulse franchise apps will render you a capable manager with plenty of tools at your disposal to take advantage of and ensure that your franchise runs like a well-oiled machine at all times.

Start With a Franchise Software Demo

We believe in the pure and unparalleled utility of the Workpulse app software suit, If you try it, we’re confident you’ll love the versatility and management opportunities it allows you and how much simpler it will make your life. Relieve some of the burdens of constantly running around to various locations and handling problems. Download your free demo now. We’re excited to start helping your business become more streamlined in it’s functionality.

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Why Our Restaurant Management Software Works- GiSMo