How to Manage Your Employees and Maintain a Happy Workspace

A business without happy employees is one that is bound for failure. Employees are the backbone of any company or business and without them, well, there wouldn’t be a business. If you’re in the restaurant business, then finding ways to keep your employees happy isn’t always an easy task. Between rude customers, busy hours, and having them stay past their designated shift to help with crowds and cleanup, restaurant workers are constantly being put under a lot of stress. As a business owner or a manager, it’s up to you to make up for these downfalls by ensuring that your employees are happy to come into work. Here are some managing tips to help keep employee satisfaction at a high, and turnover at a low.

Don’t Micromanage

We went over this in our last post, but micromanaging your employees is both irritating and uncomfortable. As an employer, you need to put trust into your workers and believe that they’ll do their job correctly; and most of the time they will. Don’t waste your time by breathing down your employees necks, watching everything they do, and constantly reminding them to do certain tasks. When managing employees, having structure and supervision is great, but taking a step back and guiding them from a distance will make things run smoother, and will ensure that your employees are happy.

For an excellent and not overbearing task management system, download our restaurant management app, Task, which helps to assign tasks and monitor their completion right at your fingertips! That way, you can make sure that employees are doing their jobs without making them feel like they have no freedom!

Be Flexible

As a business owner or manager, you need to understand that life happens and that your employees aren’t machines. They always have lives outside of work that is much more important than their job. If an employee is sick, is going through something traumatic, or needs a day or two off for rest, be understanding. Additionally, don’t be too harsh on employees that are late for valid reasons. Accidents happen! It’s possible to have structure and rules without being a jerk. If your employees need time, give it to them. Flexibility, when it’s needed, is the key to keeping your employees working hard and happy to do so.

Reward Them

Rewarding your employees for great service or work is an excellent way to keep them motivated and to continue what they’re doing! Whether this reward be in the form of a bonus or a simple “keep up the good work!”, they can go a long way. Feeling like your work is going unnoticed is not only disheartening, but it’s unmotivating. What’s the point of putting in all of that extra time and energy if it’s not going to take you anywhere? Humans need reassurance that their efforts aren’t futile, and simple rewards can take your business from okay to extraordinary.

Our restaurant manager app, WOW, allows employers to reward their employees for excellent work. On the app, a manager can send their employee a “WOW,” which is the in-app equivalent to “Keep up the good work, you’re doing great!” Having a visual reward system right at your fingertips is a great way to keep your employees happy and motivated!

Don’t Blindly Punish

In addition to rewarding your employees for good work, it’s also important to avoid blindly punishing, or scolding, employees for something that was done incorrectly. For example, if your employee forgets to mop the floors before leaving for the night, don’t just “go off” on them. Explain to them what they did wrong and why this was harmful for the company. Dirty floors in a restaurant are a safety hazard and can affect income. Simply scolding your employees doesn’t give them the chance to see why their mistake was harmful. Training employees with fear rather than explanation is a recipe for disaster. It’s very important that your employees have an understanding of why rules are in place and how forgetting tasks can be problematic.

Keep Things Organized

In our last blog post, we went over the benefits of having an organized business. Nothing is worse than having to call your employee on their day off just because you messed up scheduling. Keeping an organized and consistent scheduling plan helps to avoid mishaps and irate employees. Additionally, don’t overschedule or under schedule employees if this could be avoided. Consistency and fairness is key!

Another important scheduling tactic is to urge your employees to schedule time off in advance. However, if an employee becomes sick, especially in the restaurant business, it’s best to encourage them to stay home.

Thanks for reading today’s post and we hope that you’ll feel more inclined to manage in an employee-friendly manner. We encourage you to download our suite of restaurant management apps for an efficient system!