Gone are the days when you walk into your franchise office with mountains of paperwork, coffee-stained customer surveys, and your team schedule for the week hastily put together because the original copy was accidentally put through the shredder. Rightly so, you might be wondering how this mess could have been prevented in the first place. Thankfully, due to advancements in restaurant management software over the past few years, a digital alternative in the form of restaurant management apps finally exists to counter the chaos that is all too familiar to most franchise owners.

Though there is a multitude of benefits with digitizing your management strategies, there also seem to be many misperceptions when it comes to switching over to apps or software. With Workpulse, you will be able to not only maximize your guest and employee satisfaction, you can also adopt a completely innovative way to re-organize your operations management as a whole that you might wonder why you ever did anything else. Keep reading as we shred these myths so you can revolutionize your approach to operations management within your organization.

Myth 1: Printed forms are more professional

Much of the pushback that comes with managing a restaurant with apps or other software is the idea that team schedules, work forms, surveys, among other important materials, should always be kept in print. Related to this is the misconception that printed materials are somehow more professional compared to digital.

In reality, some of the most successful franchises rely on digital forms to best keep track of their tasks, revenue, and employees. More so, you will not have to worry about accidentally destroying any materials since they are all kept in the cloud so you can readily access your management dashboard from any device as long as the apps are installed.

Knowing this, the reasons to hold on to printed management materials are dwindling by the minute as the benefits of the digital approach outweigh those of print. Overall, your employees will adopt a more professional and productive attitude when they can easily find their schedules for the week, and your customers will be pleased to know that their surveys will be seen by the owners instead of becoming lost in a pile of other paperwork. What’s more professional than that?

Myth 2: It lacks a human touch

This myth seems to be applied to all things involving digital technology, but restaurant management apps in particular have a bad rap for losing “the human touch”. We have found with Workpulse that our apps can be highly personalized to fit your specific needs when it comes to managing your employees, managing your day to day operations, guaranteeing customer satisfaction, and of course, gaining more profitable revenue.

Workpulse WOW, an employee engagement and recognition app, has many features that allow you to customize your approach with your employees. You can create custom messages for them, create your own awards, and customize the point values to match the achievements that your employees can work towards. This way, you can build the culture you want for the franchise you own.

Myth 3: It’s not versatile enough

Though there are some apps and other software that only focus on singular facets of restaurant management, we have a solution platform, which is a collection of apps, that are specifically designed for a wide range of customizable features depending on the kind of manager you are. Need more organization with your maintenance tasks? Check out Workpulse Task, where you can enter new maintenance tasks for your staff with as much–or as little–detail as you prefer. You can also view a list of completed tasks depending on the priority level, type of task, or the time it took to complete those tasks.

And with Workpulse Quiz, you can design quizzes and assessments for your employees with a level of versatility never seen before. You can choose between true or false, multiple choice, and short answer questions, among others so that can be sure that you are in full control of your franchise or restaurant.

Myth 4: It doesn’t increase customer satisfaction

There is some truth that customers tend to take their time when it comes to familiarizing themselves with new features or menu items. However, people have been using apps for several years now to attend to a variety of uses, including giving feedback on the restaurants and franchises they visit. With Workpulse GiSMo, the guest satisfaction management platform, you can gather all guest complaints and praises in just one app. Not only can you have instant access to each and every case, you will also be able to guarantee that all customer complaints are resolved in a timely fashion. This is what guarantees happy customers, which translates to more revenue for your franchise or restaurant!

It’s important to your customers that they feel heard and that their thoughts are being taken seriously in the form of resolution and acknowledgment. Paper surveys can often get lost or accidentally discarded, but with GiSMo, these issues among others can be effectively avoided so that every person who walks through your establishment can stay rest assured that they are a person of value.

Myth 5: It’s just a fad

Since 2008, when the first app was launched in The App Store, people have expressed fears that apps and similar digital solutions were just a short fad that would fade into obscurity in just a few years. Now that it has been almost ten years since this type of software was created, it has become even clearer that apps are here to stay. It is understandable to harbor skepticism about brand-new software, especially those that claim to “do it all”. However, owning a restaurant or franchise means that risk-taking is part of the process too. With Workpulse, you can count on our reliable and innovative restaurant management apps to streamline tasks and cases with ease and precision. Our time-tested software puts you, your employees, and your customers at ease while also rejuvenating them with a new approach.

At Workpulse, you can count on us to give your franchise the boost it needs. To learn more about our apps, visit our page today!