Nobody ever said that working in the restaurant franchise business was easy. Between the crowds of customers coming in during certain hours, the overall stress of keeping the building clean, and the high expectations that accompany franchise ownership, seeing employees become unhappy with their jobs is a common phenomenon. While the inevitability of busy hours and not so nice customers is a common theme, the feelings that tag along don’t always have to be. As a franchise owner or manager, it’s important to emphasize the importance of employees and let them know that they play a crucial part in the restaurant game.

Today, we thought we’d go over some of the ways our WOW restaurant management app can help employees feel appreciated and that all of the hard work that they’re putting towards the success of the restaurant is worthwhile.

Acknowledgement is key

It’s common to employ many people at a franchise, especially one in a busy area. That being said, it’s also quite easy to leave certain employees in the dust in terms of acknowledgment. Unfortunately, if an employee feels as though their part is going unrecognized, they’re not going to be nearly as inclined to work as hard. As a manager, it’s your duty to pay attention to each and every employee, but this isn’t nearly as easy as it sounds. On a busy night when you’re managing upwards of twenty people, it’s almost expected that you’d miss a few. WOW, our restaurant management app, helps to organize the employees and make the acknowledgment process much simpler and missing employees much harder.

People appreciate rewards

Let’s say that you have an employee who goes above and beyond during every shift. They work especially hard to both make customers happy and keep the restaurant in order. While a simple thank you goes a long way in most instances, it only seems appropriate that if an employee is putting forth so much effort, they should be rewarded. Our restaurant software allows managers to allot great rewards, such as gift cards, to employees who really work hard. These rewards incentivize both hard work and enthusiasm. If employees know that their hard work is worth something, they’re going to be inclined to keep it up.

Small daily reminders display worth

Sure, you said thank you to your employees and told them that they’re doing an incredible job, but what does that even mean? WOW gives managers the chance to not only say thank you, but to also give employees an explanation of why they’re getting that thank you. Running a franchise restaurant is difficult, and working at one is no easier. If you see somebody making progress, or going out of their way to improve the overall culture of the workspace, reward them accordingly. Our restaurant manager app gives employees an easy method of seeing and understanding what they did right as well as what this earned them.

A shoutout to everyone is great

At a restaurant, teamwork is the key to success. Usually, the entire staff has to work together to communicate and make the shift run smoothly. In these cases, when you as a manager or owner notice that everyone is doing an exceptional job, you should recognize the group for their efforts! With WOW, you can do just that. With a simple shout out to the team, you can show the entire company what an amazing team you have.

Simplicity makes things easier

It’s no lie that the simpler things are, the easier they are. WOW gives you the ability to quickly and easily reward employees for amazing work. No more tracking down employees and disrupting the workflow. This easy and simple to use app streamlines the process and effectively shows employees that they matter and that their hard work is appreciated.

Employees that don’t feel as if their presence makes a difference aren’t going to be ones willing to stick around for the long term. Luckily, our restaurant management app, WOW, puts rewarding employees for hard work at the touch of a button. Download WOW today and see why!