Apps offer simplicity and ease of access for restaurant owners, here’s how.

It’s no secret the world is inching further and further into the realm of technology. Now that it’s 2017, it seems that we have an app or software for any facet of our lives. Luckily, this makes life much easier to navigate. The age of technology is allowing us to accomplish things that weren’t even possible ten or so years ago. We’re faster, smarter, and more efficient.

Apps are an especially important tool for restaurants. Because restaurants, both franchises and not, depend on dozens of factors when working towards success, it’s easy to lose control of the business. Between guests, cleaning, employees, and the actual food, issues tend to slide under the rug and pop up when you least expect it. And, in the restaurant business, any small thing can bring your business to the ground. Luckily, our restaurant management apps are a key tool in keeping things in order. Here’s how apps revolutionize the restaurant business.

Better Accessibility to Issues

If you own a restaurant or franchise, you’re well aware that issues tend to pop up around every corner. If you’re not keeping track of the issues, they tend to pile up fairly quickly. And, the longer it takes you to address the issues, the larger the problem becomes in the long run. For example, if one of your customers had a negative experience, you’ll want to compensate for this before it turns into a bad review online. Online reviews can take a restaurant down in days, and you want to avoid them as much as you humanly can.

GiSMo, our guest satisfaction restaurant software, is designed to help you address guest complaints in a timely fashion. Having a visual representation of whatever is wrong is going to be the best route in making amends.

Easier Communication between Management and Employees

If you run a busy restaurant, then there is rarely time to chat with your employees and address issues. Unfortunately, that means that if your employees are unhappy, it might be difficult to address whatever is going on. And, if those issues are related to the business and employees, the unhappiness could manifest throughout the entire company. Even if you’re a fair owner or manager and do a lot to make your employees happy at their jobs, it’s difficult to see issues if the means of communication is non existent.

An app, specifically our restaurant management app, makes communication easier. Not only can you reward employees for doing a great job, but you can also discuss issues easier, more comfortably, and privately.

Efficiency is Key

Restaurant and franchise owners know this as their mantra: time is money. However, when things get busy, it’s easy to forget about important things like bringing a check out to a table, restocking the fridge, or checking temperatures. Unfortunately, as a restaurant owner, there really is no time to keep reminding employees to do certain tasks. And, as employees, there is rarely time to keep up with all of the tasks that are presented on a daily basis. Apps give managers the opportunity to keep on top of duties without having to waste any time in tracking down employees and assigning them duties.


Yikes. If you were to keep track of all of your employees, guests, tasks, and responsibilities on paper, your business would be a heck of a lot harder to handle than if it were managed with something as easy as an app. Just pick up your phone, tap the icon, and open up the world of your entire restaurant. Time, energy, and stress are all saved just through the act of downloading our suite of restaurant management apps in Workpulse.

If you’re running a restaurant, franchise or not, when things get out of order, it’s near impossible to reorganize things, especially if you’re busy. For example, if the employee scheduling is messed up and it’s all recorded on paper or a spreadsheet on your desktop, you’re going to need to take a sizable chunk out of your day to address this. If you have multiple employees, it only gets harder.

Do you own or manage a franchise or restaurant? Perhaps it’s time to take some of the stress out of the business. Try our restaurant management apps, Workpulse, today.