Owning and managing a restaurant franchise comes with a whole host of expectations from the franchise itself. On top of managing an expanding business, managing employees, ordering supplies and staying in food code compliance, you’ll have to comply with the standards your franchise has. Managing tasks and keeping all of those necessities straight is no simple task. With a franchise management app that can keep up with the pace you’re setting, you’ll be able to conquer each hurdle as it comes. With the franchise app Book, you’ll be more than ready for your next franchise inspection.

The Key Benefits

With the Book app, you can easily put together a task management plan that will transform your entire franchise into a well-oiled machine rather than a string of separate businesses. Using the app, you can keep all of your temperature logs and other information within your reach at all times. You can schedule tasks and monitor the checkpoints for them all within one portal and automate corrective actions on a store-by-store basis. In fact, you’ll be able to monitor each store’s completion records and compare how efficient they are to your other branches of the franchise with clear-cut live data that is constantly updating and keeping you informed. As a franchise management app, you’ll be able to organize all of your important details with the comprehensive functionality within Book.

Slash the Emails and Extra Communication

Make your store-by-store expectations streamlined and then customize where it needs tweaking with precision. With a more organized form of communication through the book app, you’ll be able to communicate with each branch of the franchise’s locations through the app. You’ll no longer have to worry about checking emails, text messages and calling the stores or visiting outside of the regular schedule. With Book, you can even monitor the tasks assigned and view their completion as each employee finishes off the day’s work. Cut out complicated and constantly dilated spreadsheets that make communications chains hard to follow with the simplicity of the Book app.

Navigate the Bumps in the Road

Finding consistent problems with a specific branch or specific employee? Track the data through GiSMo and then identify a way to install a corrective plan that you can both decide on. Watch through Book as they implement that plan and produce more favorable customer data for that branch of your franchise. Communicate through the app with the employee in real time to make edits and adjustments to your corrective action strategy as you go.

An Intuitive Data Reading

The Book franchise app easily reads data and makes measured predictions about upcoming issues before they arrive. With push notifications, the system will recommend courses of action based off of waste rates being too high and increasing food compliance statistics as well as following franchise guidelines. Based on the app’s observations, you can make adjustments to the task management assigned to each employee and find a fluidity in the nature of your franchise management that was previously undetected.

Automate Everything

In the modern age, you can only serve to benefit from the ever expanding and improving technology. With the Book franchise app, you can do that and so much more. Apart from the app organizing your temperature logs, when your tasks are completed and the software will read the data recorded by your employees to find trends in ways to improve the functionality of your franchise. You can also automate the temperature logs using Bluetooth temp probes. With reliable, easy temp readings always at hand, you can record when temps aren’t getting done, pursue corrective action, and start producing the books and the data you need to keep passing your various inspections at every single branch of your franchise. Without the possibility of manual error, your temperature books will be cleaner, better maintained and super organized at all times.

Franchise Management Software That Provides 24/7 Monitoring

With the power of possible 24/7 monitoring sitting in your pocket at all times, you’ll be able to forge your franchise into the properly working conveyor belt of product and good reviews that you’d always hoped it would become. Hone your processes and take human error out as much as possible with the suite of apps from Workpulse. You can use Wow to reward employees for helping simplify your processes and Quiz to implement new training materials easily. You can even utilize Audit to manually audit each branch and stay alert for when the real audit comes your way. Our suite of franchise management software can easily make your management duties easier and more efficient so that you can focus on the feeling of success rather than forever seeking the idea of it. Schedule your free demo of the franchise software today.