Workpulse was created by franchise owners for franchise owners and managers because we’re intimately familiar how easy it is to get overwhelmed when you’re not running just one, but several different businesses with their own needs and wants. From task management, fielding customer complaints and trying to implement the new trainings for all of your employees that were just passed down from corporate, this can all have you stammering, blinking and trying desperately to stay on the ball while grasping for straws. Rather than trip and fall whenever something unusual or out of the regular franchise functions comes along, instead invest in a suite of apps that can make managing your various branches easier and faster. With Audit, the franchise management app, you’ll be able to streamline your audit preparation processes and use data to improve your functionality.

Utilize Delegation to Accomplish More

With the Audit app, you can delegate tasks and keep a better, more secure paper trail by avoiding physical paper that can be easily lost or damaged. With everything automated through the app, and with tasks delegated through the Workpulse Book app, you’ll be able to easily complete self-audits and legitimate food safety audits on schedule without wasting time. With 100 percent visibility across all of your branches, you’ll be able to keep track of each branches consistent compliance with a flick of your finger. You can even implement corrective action among your employees with ease.

Exceed The Audit Expectations and Your Own

With careful analysis and constantly collected data, you’ll be able to conquer your next audit with flying colors. Through the automated nature of the app, you should be able to easily monitor the development and keep compliance standards at hand to ensure that you exceed all expectations for each and every branch without having to worry about a single one falling through the cracks. With the Audit app, you’ll have total control on a 24/7 basis.

Receive Notifications and Form a Plan

The Workpulse suite of apps will send a variety of push notifications letting you know when tasks are complete and when employees handle conflict resolution with customers, but perhaps most importantly they’ll send you audit reminders. If, for any reason, the audits and food compliance data starts to fall through the cracks the app will make calculations based off of previous audits and state standards and send you a push notification on a location by location basis. The app will then guide you to take action to correct this as soon as you receive the push notification. You’ll be able to quickly and easily create plans to satisfy the audit standards and then delegate those tasks to the appropriate employees on duty then to satisfy the audit requirements immediately.

Reporting and Visibility

The Audit franchise app will start to compile and analyze previous store audit reports and compare them to your real-time temperatures and state of each branch. It can then send real-time push notifications to your team to ensure that you remain in compliance and make the proper alterations before the audit comes up too quickly. You’ll even be able to use the data to identify systematic issues with how the entire branch functions and make changes to ensure that the profitability increases alongside the audit credentials remaining intact. Then use the data from single branches to compare across your entire franchise to pinpoint functionality improvements and where your employees are already excelling.

Utilizing Workpulse’s Franchise Management Software

When you’re using the Audit franchise app to make your franchise function better and meet deadlines in a timely manner, you’re ready to benefit from all of the rest of the Workpulse franchise management software. With a whole suite of apps at your disposal, you’ll be able to delegate, organize and reward throughout the entirety of your franchise without having to take more time to accomplish more.

Through our innovative technology, you’ll be able to accomplish the work of 10 men just because of the sheer increased effectiveness and efficiency of the software. You can use GiSMo to handle customer interactions dynamically and measure conflict resolution without and within your organization all from the palm of your hand. With the Book app, you’ll be able to delegate tasks and document all of your waste and other necessary portions of your franchise so that you can compare data over month-long stretches and make alterations to increase productivity and how far every single one of your supplies lasts. With the Wow app, you can award and give shoutouts to the employees who go out of their way to impress you, with enough kudos they’ll be able to use their points to buy cool gifts like Fitbits and Target gift cards as a reward for their hard work.

Worried about that extra employee training that you’ll have to put your team through to satisfy corporate? Don’t fret, you can put together training programs on the Quiz app to transfer training materials to them quickly and then gauge their completion in real time as well as measuring their other task completion stats through the Task app.

Find Efficiency Through Workpulse

Keeping your finger on the pulse of your organization has never been so easy before. With access to a suite of apps that are made to make your life easier, you’ll be able to spend more time doing the important things like ensuring you spend enough time with your family while also getting the rush of accomplishment that comes with investing in branches of your ever-expanding organization. The key to good business is delegation, so delegate your tasks to the Workpulse apps and let the software analyze data and guide you to making your locations into the equipped group of independent businesses you always dreamed of. Access your free demo today.