Delegating is defined as a leader passing a task off to one of their trusted followers to complete for them. To put it simply, even with incredible franchise management software at your beck-and-call, like Workpulse, you still won’t be able to be everywhere at once. When the American Dream was slowly forming in the 1950s and 60s, it included the white picket fence and the family sedan, but mostly it consisted of a romanticized self-made person with their own wealth, managing their own business and making it, despite the odds. The idea was that, while it would be hard work getting there, it would be fun owning and operating your own business, something that you built off of your own blood, sweat and tears. The notion of delegating makes sure that owning your own franchise or restaurant is fun.

What Does Effective Delegating Do For You?

While delegating makes it easier for things to get done in your business, it does so much more than the initial definition might suggest. Mainly, it builds trust. At first glance, it seems like you’re taking a major chance on someone when you give them a task and you only really think about the potential of them failing, but perhaps you should entertain the idea that they’ll succeed. If they do, you’ll have one more employee that’s much more reliable and trustworthy than you could have dreamed of. In addition to that boon, you’ll be able to increase your own humility, which is, in most cases, a great way to make sure you’re a pleasant person at work and outside of work. Your employees will be able to develop new skills and delegating important tasks to different individuals will give them a sense of importance which provides a heady boost of morale.

Remember, “Completely Qualified is Too Late”

If you’re hoping to only delegate tasks to employees who are completely experienced, you’ll be totally out of luck. If you’re looking for an employee that has experience managing a franchise, like the kind that you’ll want to delegate all of your important tasks to, you’ll probably find that those people are already running or managing their own franchise. Instead, you’ll have to use your better judgment and decide who you’re going to trust among your staff that you have. If you talk to them and explain your expectations on a regular basis, you’ll be able to improve communication standards throughout your organization. This will, in turn, promote the idea that you care about your employee’s opinions. That way, if you start mentoring one of your employees who then has an idea about how to help you run your franchise better, they won’t be afraid to speak up and you’ll all get to reap the fruits of their innovation that wouldn’t have come about if you hadn’t trusted them in the first place. People yearn to feel important, and if they can get that from their job and most importantly their boss, they’ll remain satisfied employees.

Choosing the Employee

In this day and age, it seems as if few employees take a job with the idea that they’ll turn it into a career, they see impermanence in every job opportunity, and that can make it hard for a franchise owner to trust. Because of the Great Recession, the working class folks have learned to be highly adaptable and not get attached to a position because they might lose it. However, if you can witness each employee’s inherent drive to impress and rise above the standards on a day-to-day basis, you’ll easily be able to make the decision to delegate and to whom.

Download Workpulse

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