It’s not just the Oracle World nerds that are singing the praises of large scale data anymore. From mail and digital marketing to Facebook, data is king. Whatever your own opinion is on data as it’s used by Facebook, or how it’s used by Google, you’ll at the very least have to admit that it’s rather useful. Just think if you could collect your customer’s reviews and complaints in one platform that wasn’t public and address them individually on your own time and then gather data on certain employees and how they treat other employees as well as how the treat customers. What if you could collect reliable data about how quickly tasts are getting done at certain branches and how well an employee is adapting to a promotion. Think of how much easier it would be to manage your franchise. What if we told you that it’s much easier to collect and compile this data than you think it is? Meet Workpulse, the perfect franchise management software that lets you keep your finger on the pulse of your franchise and businesses with extreme ease. With our suite of franchise apps, you’ll be able to collect and act on data quickly and efficiently.

The Reality of Data

Unfortunately, data is often villainized because inflammatory articles on your Facebook dashboard mention how big data will dismantle your privacy and make it easier for Google to target you. Using the word “data” to represent big data as well as the misuse of that data is hardly productive. While it’s true that data in and of itself is one of the most powerful tools at anyone’s disposal it’s also misunderstood and totally under-appreciated tools by nearly everyone. After the Cambridge Analytica Scandal, we’ve hardly recovered from this irrational fear of nothing but numbers. You see, like most things in this world an interpretation of data is just that: an interpretation. Microsoft didn’t slave away to create Excel so that data and the ability to track and understand it could be villainized by someone who’s abusing the tool. No, they made it for people like you to be able to track facts and record how trends evolve.

Data is the Personification of Results

Data is not just used for advertising moguls to show you golf club ads instead of baseball bat ads. It’s The intricate documentation and then prompt visualization of facts that can help you make decisions. In regard to our franchise management software, you’ll be able to utilize data collected from the employees who use the various apps in our suite. With the Task app alone, you’ll be able to track how fast certain tasks get done on a branch-by-branch and employee-by-employee level. That means you can see whos completing tasks quickly and who is still coming around the learning curve. With this data you’ll be able to make predictions of where and who you should delegate tasks to. With informative, actionable data, your entire franchise will be able to run more smoothly because all of the information you need to make good, unhindered decisions will constantly be at your fingertips.

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