If you’re a franchise manager or owner, you’re a terribly busy person. In fact, you can probably see chaos unfolding in front of your eyes like dominoes falling before your feet in intricate patterns. You have to fret about ordering supplies, troubleshooting employee problems, hurdling scheduling conflicts, adhering to franchise standards and food safety standards as well as payroll and so many other things. Even if you’re an extremely organized individual, there can be times when all the balls in your court return from the other side of the net at once. Managing those days where everything seems to be happening at once can seem daunting, but with a few preparational steps taken beforehand, you’ll get better at handling those days that descend into chaos.

Encourage Self-Sufficiency and Reliance

One of the best ways you can field problems before they arise is by putting organizational standards up that give your employees the backing and self-confidence to solve problems on their own and become more efficient workers. What it really boils down to is the training process. If you can train your employees to be self-confident in every situation they come across and don’t need to defer to your opinion because your standards are already crystal clear, you’ll save time and prevent your workers from breaking down your door in a panic every time the thermometer reads in at the wrong temperature. You shouldn’t have to act as their boss and their mother or maid, your job is to maintain order and ensure that standards are being met and understood. Good employees will be able to do their jobs and let you do yours.

Implementing Self-Sufficiency

Sometimes, self-sufficiency comes in the form of increased organization and planning. While offices have project managers, you can invest in franchise management software. Workpulse provides an entire suite of organizational apps that help your employees communicate with you, collect data, and manage tasks. These apps encourage self-reliance which is tantamount to a clock that doesn’t need you to move each of the cogs by hand.

Organize Your Organization

Usually, becoming incredibly organized takes time and diligence. With franchise software, you can achieve optimal organizational efficiency by thoroughly training your employees on the franchise management software. Ultimately, this will allow you to monitor if the organizational aspects of the business’ function. You’ll be able to identify who has more complaints, who completes all of their tasks, and how they handle hurdles as they arrive. This level of organization allows you to schedule out how you deal with your problems as they arise. A customer complaint will no longer have to be something that you drive down to the branch and deal with that day, it could be something the manager is enabled to deal with, and when you have time you can schedule out when to have a conference with that employee and manager to craft a game plan to move forward with. With the proper organizational strategy, you can field issues as they arise and make sure they fit into your schedule nicely.

Autopiloting Your Organization

If you’re concerned every single day about how exactly you’re going to remember everything that needs to be done, something is wrong. Those minor details that don’t necessarily need your attention, but still need to get done, should be scheduled out on a weekly or monthly basis. Take advantage of recurring supply orders as well to make the action more automatic than something you really need to think about. One of those tasks is fitted into the slot that’s recurring and regular it becomes a habit instead of a task. It’ll be as natural as brushing your teeth after five consecutive times you perform that task.

Handling the Basics

The key to being able to tackle those hurdles that will inevitably arise is to take care of yourself so you don’t feel bombarded as soon as something pops up that’s slightly outside of your everyday schedule. Ensuring that you’re staying hydrated is one of the major steps to keeping your stress levels down. The other thing you should ensure is that you’re comfortable. Those shoes that pinch your toes should go in favor of a pair of sharp but comfy shoes that won’t nettle your nerves throughout the day. Those little discomforts like the growing headache and pain in your shoulder seem small, but they’re the factors that make that one inconvenience seem like the whole day is ruined.

Invest in Workpulse

Keeping the pulse of your organization on your screen is crucial. Your franchise should run like the well-oiled machine that it can be. Taking precautions to ensure that there are safety nets for all of the problems come up on a day to day basis will save you from pulling your hair out. Interested in more tips and tricks to keep the chaos at bay? Keep an eye on our blog. We’re passionate about ensuring that your business aspirations become realities, and helping you navigate the various bumps in the road is how we intend to do that.