For high energy entrepreneurs, the truth is that staying busy is kind of fun. It’s exhilarating to see how needed you are as well as the thrill of running a business successfully. That busy, overwhelming feeling often propels you toward great things and gives you a reason to hop out of bed the moment the alarm clock goes off. But that constant grind can take a toll and eventually you’ll have to slow that schedule down a touch or else, your stress will start to encompass your entire life. While it can be fun to go a million miles a minute through life, you’ll have to stop and literally smell the flowers or else the chaos will threaten to drown you. In our previous blog, we approached the issue of dealing with preparing for a chaotic day. In part two, we’ll explore how to manage chaos and passion which often go hand-in-hand for the successful entrepreneur.

The Power of Moderation

It’s a simple concept and yet it can seem complex at times. The finesse in this idea all stems from knowing when to cut yourself off. That can be easier said than done as no one really knows which shot it was that pushed them from tipsy to fall on the floor drunk until the next morning. Finding where your limit is without totally reaching and surpassing it is nearly impossible. Locating your limit without surpassing it and running yourself into the ground will be the difference between enjoying franchise management/entrepreneurship and hating it.

Multitasking Is Key

Multitasking suddenly isn’t acceptable under the “special skills” sections on resumes, but it still is a special skill. In fact, we’d even go so far as to claim that its one of the few skills that are totally required in everyday life and the modern day workforce. When you’re good at multitasking, you’ll be able to put out fires while still getting your daily tasks done. Prioritization is a major step to successfully multitasking. Once you have that down, you can create a comprehensive schedule that will make the chaos seem just a little less overwhelming, but still full of the entertaining curve balls that make you feel alive.

Don’t Consider Time, Consider Your Threshold

A major tool in managing the chaos and keeping your limit at bay is learning how to consider what you can handle, rather how much time you have. Looking at problems only in the sense of time will lead to you overworking. Franchise management is a 24/7 occupation, and if you’re dictated by the ticking hands of the clock there won’t be a second for you, and you’ll find yourself far past your own limits before you know it. Don’t obsess over getting everything done as that is inevitably impossible. Merely focus on what you can do. Prioritization is, once again the king of dictating where your mind should rest. You can be productive without accomplishing every task on your own.

Controlling Your Visualization

Some folks believe that visualizing what you want will make it come to pass. While we cannot speak to the effectiveness of that specific strategy, there is a certain power surrounding your perspective of things and how you visualize the future. Franchise management, even when equipped with a franchise app and software can be quite the behemoth. Visualizing what’s important in your life on top of your business might help you calculate where your attention is needed most. Being cognizant of the context of your life will help you spot that limit to your energy before you hit it.

Be In the Moment

We know it’s an overused saying. We’re aware that we’re being trite. But the statement is used rather often because it has more than just a shred of truth to it. Being able to gain perspective about your feelings and appreciate what you’re doing won’t make you just more cognizant of your energy levels, it’ll also make each task more enjoyable. The excitement of seeing a hurdle and jumping it is an experience, and you should be able to find it as rewarding rather than taxing. You can manage a customer’s complaint with complaints of your own. Or you can realize that they trusted your franchise enough to serve them, and now you personally get to make it right. The connection between customer and business owner is a relationship that cannot be imitated in any other aspect of your life. Recognizing that these little moments when you’re running your business will be what makes the experience memorable, will help to make your threshold for chaos much harder to reach.

Learn the Word “No” Again

As a franchise manager with tons of responsibilities on your plate, it can be easier to give a “yes” now and evaluate later. Sometimes, it’s better to just manage the things that are already on your plate rather than have something else that’ll pile on top. The modern age is filled with opportunities and choices and a really effective way of diminishing your stress and making sure everything runs smoothly is by learning to say “no,” to some of those opportunities. With Workpulse’s franchise management software, you can support your decisions with data and narrow down the opportunities that you actually want to take with a dynamic approach.

Invest in Workpulse’s Suite of Apps

Managing the chaos when you own a franchise can seem like trying to stop the tides. It’s all much more simple than that. Investing in Workpulse’s suite of franchise apps allows for you to keep an eye on the functions of your franchise wherever you are and put your mind at ease. It makes delegating and living in the moment an actual possibility instead of a mere dream. You can manage delegating important todos through the Task app, monitor data through Book, and even train and enhance your employees through Quiz to encourage self-reliance. Your franchise should run like a precision machine, all it needs is a little oil. Schedule your free demo today.