Disney, notoriously, gets quite a bit right about running a business. Their path to greatness seems to be paved with gold, which is certainly a measure better than a yellow brick road. Although the theme park was founded by a cartoonist/entrepreneur, he had high standards for his company, mainly he believed the employees should be happy, always. If you’ve ever been to the Magic Kingdom, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a grumpy employee, even among the notoriously ill-tempered Starbucks baristas. Walt Disney himself went about making the happiest place on earth by first ensuring that it was a fulfilling and happy place to work, as well as to visit. Nowadays, many business owners are following in those footsteps and there’s a fair amount of data and research to back up old Walt’s original claim. Slap a smile on your face, because we’re going on a journey to happier, better performing employees that create and encourage happier customers through franchise management software.

The Key to Success

Customers hold the money, and while a successful business model goes beyond the simple economics of exchanging money for goods and services, you’ll still need customers to hand over the dough so you can keep ticking. As a rule, happier customers are more willing to spend more at your franchise and spend more often. Return customers are your bread and butter, and establishing a relationship with folks that want to come back, again and again, is, at least one of the many keys of a successful business venture of any sort. In fact, a report from “The State of The American Workplace,” provided a statistic that stated employees that feel engaged and are happier are far more likely to improve the customer relationship which would result in a 20% increase in sales on average. This was tested by QSR reports through Chick-Fil-A, a company that’s famous for it’s chirpy, friendly, and wholesome employees who’ll give you that extra sauce packet instead of withholding or forgetting it. QSR found that Chick-Fil-A ranks higher in customer satisfaction than all of its quick-serve competition. In response, the company mentioned that they attributed the level of their customer service to the investment they put into their employees.

The Conclusion?

Disney was right. Happiness is contagious and it’s much better for your customers to feel a palpably positive feeling about your business interactions. Now, it all comes down to fostering that smile on your employee’s face and finding a strategy to engage your franchise employees. One angle Workpulse might recommend is using the Wow app from our suite of franchise management apps. It’s specifically designed to drive employee engagement and create a company culture that your employees can get behind. The program allows you to recognize outstanding employees and reward them with points. You can even assign points to certain tasks to promote excitement surrounding their jobs. They can trade these points in for tangible rewards that they earn on the app. Aside from simple reward and motivational tactics through our apps, the aforementioned studies suggested other tactics that might prove fruitful in motivating the folks on your payroll.

Give The Job Meaning

No one wants a job. They want a career. They want something fulfilling that makes them feel less stagnant as the hands of time turn relentlessly. Thus, a major key to employee happiness is instilling milestones that they can reach and strive for. They want the opportunity of advancement within the organization they already work for. In fact, promotion opportunities aren’t just a way to make employees happy, it’s a way to keep them with you. Be open about what your employees’ options for achievements are and how they can get there. Having a solid career path stretching out before them will ensure a sense of loyalty but also a sense of constant improvement which will certainly put a smile on their faces.

Training Shouldn’t Be Horrible

This seems like an obvious point, but there are some layers to making training a fun experience. Essentially, training an employee should be just as much about preparing them for the job as immersing them in your company culture. Make sure that you have a defined company culture and then make continued education on their line of work an emphasis that is expected to remain within the fold. Cultural and social achievements should go hand-in-hand with self-betterment.

Build a Positive Relationship

You’re their boss, but you don’t need to be viewed as an iron-fisted authoritarian to gain the respect you need to make everything run smoothly. Trying a variety of forms of accountability will help to lessen the stigma that could surround your relationship of “they need to perform, or else.” While there need to be clear consequences for actions, that can be conducted through a third party. Using a task management app to helpfully remind employees of what needs to be done and how and when will keep you from having to try and pound that notion into their heads. If they don’t perform the task, then the app can help you handle the consequences so you can build a relationship of encouragement instead of reprimanding with your employee. Be sure to give them plenty of verbal praise as creating a caring work environment will encourage your leaders to create a great customer experience.

Invest In Workpulse’s Suite of Software

Workpulse is a tech company by previous franchise owners. We saw the clear need for a franchise management software bundle that could actually assist franchise managers and owners. The result is an incredible collection of logical apps that allow for comprehensive use across your franchises and employees. With Workpulse you can field and handle customer complaints to satisfaction, ensure that each branch is up to code for audits and that your collection of staff is both invested and accessing their task logs easily. With Workpulse, you’re investing in a highly efficient process for your business to run on. We’re excited to help your business become more organized and successful  Schedule your free demo today.