Everyone who dreams of owning a franchise wants an energized staff who are eager to collaborate with one another and go above and beyond to satisfy their customers. Having a group of staff who truly understand and feel passionate about the values of the establishment not only helps to grow their skills, it also translates to higher employee and customer retention and, by proxy, a substantial increase in profitable revenue.

As rewarding as this may be, achieving great staff morale can be quite the challenge, especially when you are managing a medium to large-sized franchise. As their manager, you are tasked with building and maintaining the company culture in such a way that they can become relatively self-sufficient and motivate each other to do their best. This can be achieved with franchise management software to mindfulness days, but whichever method you choose, you will never run out of options here!

“Tried and true methods” such as the ever-popular pep talks in the breakroom or casual Fridays may help to a degree, but don’t really address the root of the problem. To truly take your staff morale to new heights, consider the following six ideas to harness the collective power in your franchise.

1. Practicing mindfulness/wellness days

The practice of mindfulness was recently adopted by major corporations and franchises. To say the least, the results were staggering. According to this study, overall stress and feelings of hopelessness were significantly decreased, and low energy within the workplace was nearly eradicated just from a consistent, 8-week practice.

Speaking of which, the key is consistency. Having just one mindfulness workshop a year may not do enough to effectively maintain the morale within your staff, so encouraging each staff member to lead a mindfulness session every week will help them destress after a particularly difficult week and build leadership skills as each person has the chance to take ownership of their progress.

2. Incorporate games into the breakroom

Help keep your franchise a fun place to work by incorporating easy, quick games that can be played on one’s own or with other teammates. Having a balanced mixture of each can help your staff to relieve their stress, build a keen sense of creativity, and be more encouraged to collaborate with one another. Strategy-building games like puzzles or crossword puzzles can result in a team that is more equipped to solve challenges in an effective way. Humorous games like Operation can diffuse workplace rivalry and karaoke machines, though not technically a game, can have a similar effect as well. Of course, you will want to enforce additional policies if you choose this approach to make sure your team remains focused on their tasks at hand. You can also encourage your teammates to participate in word games through the franchise management software of your choice so they are more likely to stay connected and familiar with store policies.

3. Holiday projects

This is especially important during the holiday months when there is a substantial increase in customer visits. One of the biggest causes of low employee morale is stress, and your staff is more likely to feel overwhelmed when they are inundated with one customer request after another.

One method that can ameliorate the impact of the holiday season is encouraging them to partake in craft projects. You may keep craft supplies handy in the break room or other permitted areas so that if one of your employees needs a break, they will have something to channel their pent-up energy. You could even host a contest in search of the most creative collaborative (or individual) craft and reward the winner with a cash prize or discounts to popular restaurants or stores.

In any case, your employees will be proud of their creations and add a welcome flair to your franchise!

4. Surprise your staff

There are few things that help your staff feel appreciated and valued than a welcome surprise from their manager. It could be anything from a free, catered lunch from a restaurant you have overheard your staff raving about, to bonuses based on their performance. Either way, it is a good idea to choose one that will ultimately benefit your employees. Seeing them as people first and employees second will humanize the culture in your franchise.

Another benefit of using surprises as a team-building strategy is to keep your employees on their toes, so to speak. This will help reduce burnout and exhaustion, and because you went above and beyond in positively impacting their day, they will also feel compelled to do the same for you and the customers they serve.

5. Use the WOW app

The Workpulse WOW app is one of the leading methods you can use to elevate the staff morale in your franchise because not only can you use it to encourage your employees to engage each other in a fun, innovative way, you can also set up customized goals and awards based on specific aspects you wish to improve the most. From posting encouraging messages to your team to building contests from which your employees have the chance to win awards that they’ll truly appreciate, Workpulse WOW is a totally unique franchise management software you can use to revolutionize your staff and help them feel pride in their achievements. Who doesn’t want that?

As you can see, improving staff morale is a crucial component of ensuring the success of your franchise. The combination of a keeping a steady and consistent practice along with the incorporation of a variety of these methods (and more) can help you meet this goal faster than ever before and help you reap the benefits of managing your franchise.

You can trust us to give your franchise the results you’ve been dreaming of. To learn more about our apps, visit our page today!