A few reasons how having an understanding of your customers can improve your business

Business owners and entrepreneurs are constantly on the lookout for ways to put their business on top. Whether it be implementing new methods to improve efficiency, studying the market to learn when to hop on new trends, or simply digging into their business to find what’s the most popular, those that are invested in the success of their business are going to work hard to find ways to improve. If you’re in the service industry, you’re probably aware that your business’s success is entirely dependent on the guests that come through your doors. Workpulse understands the importance of guest satisfaction, and we channeled that facet and implemented it into GiSMo, our app for restaurant owners and managers.

Today, we’re going to talk about how understanding your customers can improve your business and how GiSMo can help in the process.

What they like, you should capitalize on

If you’re new to the restaurant or franchise business, you probably won’t have a fundamental understanding of what’s popular in your establishment from the get-go. This process usually takes a while, as it’s difficult to notice trends until you’ve got a steady flow of guests coming in.

Usually, after a while, you can easily pick up on what’s popular simply by paying attention to what people are ordering, but this can take a while. Additionally, it doesn’t give you insight into why these people are enjoying your food or product. Our restaurant management app focuses on handling what guests generally don’t like, as it’s sometimes uncomfortable for people to express distaste to waiters. What’s great is that when customers do like something, you can tell by the very nature of their expression. And, you’ll probably see them again and again!

What they don’t like, consider putting to the side

When it comes to a franchise, every small detail counts towards the larger picture. That being said, if something isn’t selling, then you’re wasting money on the products and energy going towards that item. Let’s take a menu item for example. It barely sells and requires ingredients that you don’t often use in other dishes. Keeping this item on the menu is probably costing your business money if you keep spending on the resources. However, it might be difficult to tell if this item is selling if you’re not paying close attention.

Our app for restaurant owners helps to record guest satisfaction. Via this software, you can determine if it was the dish that was the issue during their visit. Critiques are key towards improvement and everything counts towards success.

Assistance with employee training

Sometimes, even if the food in your establishment is perfect across every dish, your restaurant isn’t going to succeed if the service is subpar. Receiving complaints about your waitstaff or hosts isn’t fun, and can sometimes be embarrassing if the complaints were that bad. However, while these complaints are upsetting, they’re only going to help you in the long run.

By keeping a record of guest complaints via GiSMo, you can effectively target areas that need improvement, giving you the tools to make changes to both the way the current staff is handling guests and how future staff will be trained. Sometimes it’s difficult to train employees if you’re new to the franchise or restaurant business, and it takes experience with real customers to help you develop a training plan.

Customer retention

There’s something special about having regulars at your establishment. It’s comforting knowing that a set of people like your restaurant so much, that they’d rather come back to you than try our somewhere new. Additionally, if people are so eager to come back, then chances are they’re going to be willing to leave great online reviews and spread the word about your restaurant. It truly is a chain reaction, and it starts with one guest. Know your guests and what makes them happy or unhappy. GiSMo can help with that. By addressing complaints personally and quickly, your customers will have an understanding that you’re invested in your customers, not just their wallets.

Workpulse understands how important customer satisfaction is. Usually, if you’re in charge of a busy franchise, it’s difficult to manage complaints on your own. Luckily, our restaurant management software, GiSMo, puts everything at the palm of your hands! Download Workpulse today!